Nourished Life Gratitude List: Weeks Thirty-Six and Thirty-Seven

Get ready for a Nourished Life Gratitude List Mega Post! So much to be grateful for in the past two weeks. Here we go:

Monday: Tonight after dinner Chris and I took a walk along the bay. I love walking past the marina with the masts tilting side-to-side with the tide and the black water ruffled by the night winds – these things calm and nourish my soul. I am grateful to Chris for making sure that we got out of the house at the end of a long day. I hope we get to do this more often.

Tuesday: My friend Melissa celebrated her birthday today, and she threw herself a kid-themed party! There were balloons, party bags, macaroni and cheese (including a vegetarian gluten-free version for me – thanks Melissa!), and to finish the night, a spectacular ice cream cake. I am grateful that I got to see friendly faces for a midweek recharge.

Wednesday: I had a big baking night tonight! Two different batches of cookies (Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies and Double Chocolate m&m Cookies) and a chocolate cake (recipe coming soon) for a local café and cupcakes for Movember Morning Tea at my work. I was grateful that I managed to have a workout and then get my workout on in the kitchen too!

red velvet crinkle cookies

Thursday: Today was a busy one! Busy but saturated with great things. Firstly (because 5am is always firstly) I had an awesome run while listening to some history podcasts before making it to work for breakfast and quite a relaxed day. Chris and I met up for dinner (there was fried haloumi involved) and a little bit of shopping before we headed home and I completed my baking jobs due on Friday. So grateful to have days heavy with smiles and laughter, and that dinner in the middle of a shopping centre can seem so perfect when you are with the right person.

photo 2 (3)

Friday: Today we had a cupcake and cheese morning tea to raise money for a team member who was taking part in Movember. There were crumb-filled whiskers and happy smiles all round. I am grateful for the generosity of the people I work with. I am also grateful that I came home and worked on a secret dessert project for Jessica’s Saturday visit.

Saturday: I woke up to a very wet (torrential rain) morning and so my long run was moved from outside in the sunshine to inside the empty gym (what? no-one else wants to get up at 4:30am on a cold, wet Saturday?). Despite the wind and rain howling outside my run inside went at a cracking pace and soon enough I was back home under a warm shower and getting ready to spend the day with my darling doing our Christmas shopping! I am grateful that Chris and I got most of our shopping done (yes, humble brag) and we can now relax and enjoy the festive season. I am also grateful that Chris and I have similar shopping styles (get in, get it done, and get out) because we had a lot of fun together. Tonight Jess came over for dinner and in our new tradition of ‘Fat Saturdays’ (cheat day essentially) we enjoyed our tacos with gusto followed by homemade ice cream (my Friday night secret project) and handfuls of peanut m&ms (there may have been a whole box destroyed…).

Sunday: After last night’s feasting I was grateful that Jess and I had scheduled an early morning walk – after those 6 miles I didn’t feel so bad. Today was also the first of December, and in our house that means Christmas Decorating Day! Dad has worked really hard all year long to make his decorations for outside the house and today we worked to put all the elves, reindeer, and Santa and his sleigh in place before draping everything in lights. It looks fantastic. I am so proud of you Dad. In the afternoon Chris and I went to see Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Grateful for an opportunity to put my feet up and spend some time with my darling.

Monday: Today was a long day but I am grateful for the caring friendly nurses who took care of me during my infusion, and grateful to Mum for dropping me off, and Chris for sitting with me for the last few hours and carefully bundling me in the car and taking me home. I am so grateful that I have my health and that this was just a little glitch – now I can get back on the road.

View from my hospital window - such a lovely day outside!

View from my hospital window – such a lovely day outside!

Tuesday: Today was my grandmother’s birthday! I am grateful that I got to see her this morning and wish her happy birthday. I am also grateful that today I got to see Casey. My darling friend came over for afternoon tea (she made gluten free raspberry and coconut loaf) and long talks about the important, difficult and beautiful things in life. I am so grateful for you Casey.

Wednesday: I am grateful that I got in the kitchen today and made Snickerdoodles to share with Mum and Dad after making some Chris to share with his work mates on Tuesday. I love this time of year because all the little gestures seem closer to hand. I think that is something that we need to make an effort to carry through all year long.

photo 3 (1)

Thursday: Back to work today and I am grateful that the office was quiet because it gave me a chance to get back into the groove of things. My workmates were all very sweet and welcomed me back. I am grateful that I could leave on time and make a nice dinner for Chris and I to enjoy after a good, strong gym session.

Friday: Tonight Jess and I decorated a Peppa the Pig cake for a little girl’s fourth birthday. It was so much fun working with Jess and I am grateful that we share the same love of the kitchen. Thanks for a wonderful night Jess!

photo 4 (1)

Saturday: I slept in this morning (I blame it on too much sugar on Friday night) and then went for a long run, which didn’t work out exactly as I had planned, but I am grateful for the difficult runs because they make the awesome ones stand out more. I am grateful that I got to spend my afternoon and evening with my family and Chris at Casey and Matt’s home partying with all our friends (hi Melissa, Taso, Alex, Cassie, and Shane!) in a celebration of early Christmas and some hard-earned graduations from medical school. I am grateful to have such glittering friends in my life.

Sunday: Today Jess and I visited my grandmother to celebrate her birthday with gluten free chocolate and spice pancakes and movie watching. Then we headed off to finish our Christmas shopping. Three hours later we made it our with free parking – and a completed Christmas list! (Yep, another humble brag…) I am so grateful that I got to spend the day with Jess getting into the giving mood. We had the nicest shop assistants too. Important lesson here from an ex-long-term-retail worker: compliment the clerk because they have the hardest jobs during this season!

Well, there has been a lot to be grateful for this week, and with this busy month ahead there is even more to be grateful for coming up!

Tell me, dear reader, what have you been grateful for this fortnight?

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