Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Thirty-Five

Some weeks I feel like I am two steps behind as soon as I wake up on Monday morning. This week started as one of those weeks. Luckily after taking it slow and taking care of myself I was back in step by Wednesday. Some weeks you just have to take it slow and remember to take care of yourself. So here I present the Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Thirty-Five.

Rain clouds at the bay house

Rain clouds at the bay house

Monday: I woke up this morning to low hanging clouds and some low blood pressure issues, so I stayed on the couch the whole day. I am grateful that my boss understood, but even more grateful that I have a wonderful boyfriend who insisted on taking care of me all night; no cleaning or cooking allowed! read the text message.

Dinner with Chris

Dinner with Chris

Tuesday: Chris and I went for a lovely drive around the suburbs and along the bay tonight. Even though it was actually to charge the battery in the car I was grateful for the chance to relax and unwind with him after a long day at work. Also grateful that the supermarket had a ‘Fill-a-bag for $3’ clearance so dinner cost us approximately $10 (including Chris’s lamb chops).

Wednesday: I am grateful that I got to have dinner with my parents and Chris tonight. Oftentimes we are all trying to jam so much into our days that the stars don’t align and we end up eating at different times. I am always grateful when I get to sit at the table with (most of) my family and share a half hour at the end of the day with them.

Clouds at lunch time = rain on the way home

Clouds at lunch time = rain on the way home

Thursday: No run today. Just home, licking the frosting spoon, feasting on a massive bowl of vegetables, and watching recorded episodes of one of my favourite shows ever while leafing through cookbooks for inspiration. Guess I needed comfort. Grateful that our house was quiet and I had a chance to relax after a long meeting today.

donna hay

Friday: Up early for a run that was s-l-o-w but I kept going. I had lunch with a work friend, and then in the afternoon Chris and I cleaned house and snuggled up with some breakfast for dinner (pesto scrambled eggs with mushrooms – delicious) while watching TV. Grateful for a quiet night in doing some recipe planning with Chris.


Saturday: What a golden day! I slept in a little then went out for my long run (13.6km today!) before grabbing some cappuccinos for Chris and I to start our day off with. After breakfast I did some grocery shopping because Chris and I hosted a dinner party where our families met each other for the first time! Nerve-wracking and then super enjoyable. We had roasted chickens for the omnivores, golden-crisped roast potatoes and a corn, asparagus and capsicum salad that I will have to repeat very soon. Then for dessert there were gluten free brownies with ice cream and caramel sauce and butter caramels with coffee. When I looked around the table I was so grateful for the presence of every single person there in my life. Oh, and I was grateful for brownies, because one should always be grateful for brownies.

Sunday: A quiet morning snuggling in bed while dreaming and planning with my darling followed by a slow breakfast. Grateful for some time with Mum today and a huge delicious salad for lunch.

Next week promises to be just as exciting as the last. With the Christmas season well and truly about to explode in a shower of glitter and paper snowflakes in our house I can’t wait to get started on some holiday baking and shopping for/making gifts!

Dear reader, what are you grateful for this week? What are you looking forward to this week?

One thought on “Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Thirty-Five

  1. ummm…EVERYONE better be grateful for brownies!! hehe. but i’m so sorry that your week started off kinda crummy, i’m sorry the blood pressure wasn’t cooperating. 😦 i’m so glad your boss was understanding and you were able to take is easy. i’m also glad u too that ‘s-l-o-w’ run easy…take care of ur body chickpea and just enjoy the miles as they come. 🙂 pumped u had a nice long run and wonderful weekend with Chris! 🙂

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