Nourished Life Gratitude List: Week Thirty-Four

Do you ever have a week where you know it’s going to be busy, but you are looking forward to every moment of it? This week was one of those weeks, and it isn’t until I sit down and reflect that I realise how wonderful my days have been. Here is my Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Thirty-Four.

Monday: I am grateful that I still have my childish spirit and I’ve found a kindred one in Chris. We watched ‘Turbo’ (you know, the movie about the racing snail) tonight and couldn’t stop giggling. I don’t care how old I get, or how much ‘literary fiction’ I read, I will never give up my love of animated movies. I wonder if I can get a Turbo running shirt?

Sky at work

Sky at work

Tuesday: Such a great run – 8km of fartleks (still laugh at that word every time) – and then one of my favourite activities – grocery shopping – with my wonderful boyfriend. Then it was home for leftover pasta bake (Tuesday night lifesaver), British panel shows, and some chocolate that my darling bought for me. Grateful for our version of domestic bliss.

Garden Vegetable and Olive Pasta Bake

Garden Vegetable and Olive Pasta Bake

Wednesday: I am grateful for summer storms. I am grateful for being inside with a crossword and too much buttercream while the rain lashes down outside. I am grateful for Molly climbing up on the couch, seeking comfort from me, and nuzzling her furry face against mine in the sweetest show of love.

Thursday: Grateful to be able to run inside while rain threatened slippery paths outside. I am very happy that I did get up early to run because tonight I made Nutella Buttercream frosting to top my chocolate hazelnut cupcakes (recipe to be shared soon) for a work friend’s birthday. And while I couldn’t eat the cupcakes, the buttercream needed…uh…taste testing. I am grateful for Chris rubbing my belly afterwards because maybe I went overboard with my testing job.

photo 3 (1)

Friday: I am grateful for the clarity of air the morning after a thunderstorm. Everything is washed clean. I am grateful for lunch dates with a new friend. I am grateful for double dates to the movies with my parents and my Mum buying some of my favourite lollies for me to eat while we all enjoyed Thor: The Dark World.

Saturday: What a busy and strange day! My day started at 4.30am with a long run, then it was off to the markets for breakfast and shopping with Mum and Jess, and then Jess and I took our grandmother and cousin shopping. I was grateful for all the time with some of my favourite women. Saturday night was a great opportunity to catch up with a whole lot of friends, and have a whole lot of fun! I am grateful that Mum and Dad let us turn our quiet cottage into Board Game Night Central. Chris and I invited a whole bunch of friends over for food (I made these for dessert) and a few rounds of Scategories and Articulate (new to me, and so much fun). I am grateful for the laughter that was ringing from our house late into the night. We will definitely be repeating Board Game Night.

photo 4 (1)

Sunday: I am so grateful for Sunday sleep-ins and snuggles. Chris and I had a slow start to the day, and then Jess and I braved the light rain to take a walk with her puppy. I was grateful for the time to catch up with my little sister – she is an amazing young woman and balances me out whenever I feel off course. Thanks Jess.

This week brings more running (only seven weeks until the Cadbury Half Marathon 2014), a dinner party, and a breakfast-for-dinner date with my darling.

Tell me dear reader, what are you grateful for this week?

One thought on “Nourished Life Gratitude List: Week Thirty-Four

  1. umm, how could you NOT take a taste test?? that would be like self-torture i believe. i’m glad u hit up the treadmill and didn’t run outside, when things get that crazy it’s not worth risking an injury or even worse, your safety! POWER to the early morning runner, 4:30 is insane…but funny how runners just tend to err on the side of a ‘bit’ insane sometimes. 😉
    glad u were able to sleep in though Sunday. and double yay for cuddles. 😉 you are SO precious and sweet, and looking back over the course of the months/year+, it really warms my heart that u are with, and surrounded by, so many people who TREAT you as special as you are. and u’re now so personally mature to treat yourself just as special. #nourish #thy #chickpea 🙂

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