Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Thirty-Three

Yesterday afternoon after the thunderstorm had gathered and struck and then blown out as quickly as it had blown in I bundled myself into my car and followed a rainbow. At the end I found a little cottage, and my one and only. We were tucked safely inside away from the storm still sprinkling the bay with rain. A quiet end to a another week full of so much to be grateful for, and I was happy to be there resting up for another brilliant week to come, but I forgot to publish my list!

So here I present the Thoroughly Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Thirty-Three:

Monday: Grateful that I got up early this morning to start the week with an endorphin-boosting run. Then I came home in the afternoon and had a chance to catch up with Mum and Dad about the week ahead, and make myself something delicious for lunch all week long.


Tuesday: After being frustrated with my running speed lately I was so grateful for this afternoon when my feet seemed to fly (for me) over the ground. The sun was setting, I was sweating, and all was good in the world. As an added bonus I then got to bake for a colleague’s birthday and of course I just had to taste test the salted peanut butter frosting.

pb cupcake

Wednesday: Chris finished his last exam for the year today! (So proud of you.) I was grateful that after his exam Chris came home for dinner and we lay around catching up and planning adventures for the summer break.

Thursday: Thursday is my rest day for running and I certainly made the most of it! Chris and I had a quiet night on the couch watching TV and I even did some writing! Grateful that my creative juices seem to be coming back again.

sunset run

Friday: My workmate and I escaped from the office for lunch and it was nice to walk around and stretch our legs and get away from the computer. I am grateful that we had a chance to relax and debrief after a busy week. My relaxation was also helped by a speedy after work run while the sunset painted beautiful colours across the sky. I was also grateful to Tracy from Shutterbean for featuring me on her ‘I Love Lists Friday‘ post! Thank you Tracy!

Saturday: I got to see the sunrise too! Today I got up early to squeeze in my long run before a day packed with friends and family. I met up with my inspiring friend Megan for a walk through the West End Markets and some delicious Italian Iced Coffee. Then in the evening Chris and I met up with my sister and her husband another couple (hi Bree and Justin) for a scrumptious Italian dinner and an outdoor movie screening. Grateful that I have so many lovely people in my life who brighten up the darkest days.



Sunday: Oh lazy day! I slept in, and then read my book in bed. Did some baking (and some tasting) and then went back to Chris’s house for taco dinner and movie watching. I was grateful to have the freedom to choose where I went and what I filled my Sunday with.


Monday: Today is Remembrance Day. I am grateful for all our men and women who have served, and are still serving, in the armed forces. I am grateful for your sacrifice and dedication to our country. Thank you, and Lest We Forget.

Tell me, dear reader, what are you grateful for this week? 

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