Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Twenty-Nine

This week flew by so quickly, but we certainly packed a good deal of life into it! There are plans for travel, outings to see friends, and plenty of quiet moments to recharge. Time for a Thoroughly Nourished Gratitude List:

Tuesday: The wonderful maintenance gentlemen at my work. Aged 75, and 50 they are both charming and sweet and take the time to joke with me about how Chris better watch out or one of them will steal me away. Nice to have a light-hearted aspect to my workplace. Also grateful that Chris and I booked our trip to Tasmania for my second time at the Cadbury Half Marathon. This will be our first ‘proper’ holiday together and I am so excited to show him some of the delightful places Mum and I discovered when we went to Hobart last year.

Wednesday: After a really long wait at the doctor’s surgery for an appointment I was so grateful to come through the front door at Chris’s house, shower my sweaty post-gym body, and lie in bed for a little while relaxing and talking about the day with Chris.


Thursday: Waking up ten minutes before my alarm so that I could be conscious for a morning snuggle with Chris before getting out of bed to start the day. Then, getting home in time to go for a run as the sun went down before an evening of watching Jess and Dad construct a boat-shaped cake. Yes, a boat. See:

the interlude

Friday: I had a great day at work, and my new work friend Jess and I went out on a lunch date. Then I had a date night with my darling Chris in which we saw Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington blaze across the screen in ‘2 Guns‘ and ate Peanut m&ms for dessert. I am so grateful to have found someone who I can talk to about everything and anything from the minute-by-minute things that happen at work to the big and scary beautiful universal truths.

Saturday: I had a great start to the day with Mum and Jess. The markets were busy and every stall was full of fresh spring produce. Grateful to have a few hours with Mum and Jess to catch up and connect. I wasn’t feeling the best in the middle of the day and I was so grateful for Chris making sure I had a good rest so that I could really enjoy going out to meet our friends for dinner. We had a wonderful Indian feast and talked for so long that the restaurant was emptying for the night by the time we were ready to part again. Grateful to have a group of friends like this.


Sunday: Today is the most sacred day in our household: Bathurst. I am grateful for this day every year because my Dad (who never sits still) takes a day off from his busy schedule and plants himself in front of the television for the majority of the day with corn chips, salsa, and lollies (armchair athlete fuelling). Amazingly, the only sound guaranteed to rock me into a peaceful midday sleep is the wail and whine and grunt of a field of V8s whizzing around a track. Must be in the the blood. I also had the chance to spend the day in my kitchen baking for a catering job and making some yummy Sweet Potato, Pecan, and White Chocolate Brookies (gluten free so I could eat them too!) – watch out for the recipe on Tuesday.

This week coming is my first week of serious training for the upcoming race. I guess, since I’ve bought the ticket and everything now, that I should put some serious thought of how I am going to conquer my own personal mountain next year.

Tell me, dear reader, what are you grateful for this week? Any exciting travel plans coming up?


4 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Twenty-Nine

  1. Sadly no travel plans here 😦 But YAY for Cadbury training and first real holiday together! I think Big A and my first holiday together was to GC for the half marathon. Will be so special having him at the finish line.

    I love that cake and what amazing detail… clearly baking and decorating runs in the family!

    • I am always lucky to have an amazing support crew waiting at the finish line, and it will be amazing to cross over and share that moment with him 🙂

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