Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Twenty-Seven

I am loving this spring weather! Running outside is even more pleasurable (except when magpies attack), there is still some afternoon sunshine left when I get home, and the weekends are endless stretches of blue sky days and cool evenings. I love watching the people wake up as spring takes hold of the earth.

Monday: Started working on my summer muscles with a Jillian Michaels session this morning. Even though I spent the day copying and pasting (yes, all nine hours of the day) my day had a sweet ending with two leftover sandwich cookies, some baking for work, my new read, and snuggles from Chris when he got home.

Tuesday: Today was a long one at work. I am so grateful for Mum and Dad making me laugh when I got home from the gym, and for being able to relax with a glass of lemonade while watching Poirot. Oh, and I ate the last cookie. I needed it.


Wednesday: I made myself some delicious dinner, and then got to share dinner table talk with my little sister! Jess joined us for dinner again and it was a mid-week happiness boost.

Thursday: The office was a hive of activity today as we all packed our desks in preparation for our big move (!) and after work I had a baking job that was made even sweeter with the company of Chris at our dinner table.

Friday: Today was exciting – I finally got a tour of all the company’s facilities (and geeked out over some science-y filtration ideas). Then I came home and relaxed into the weekend with a sunset run. A great way to wind down and welcome Friday night.

Mama at the markets

Mama at the markets

Saturday: I slept in. Then I marketed. Good morning? Check. Then spent the middle of the day “testing” butter cream for my little sister’s cake creation and watching ‘By the Light of the Silvery Moon’ with my grandmother. Good middle of the day? Check. In the evening, I collected my darling Chris and we met the family to watch Brisbane’s annual fireworks celebration Riverfire from a very privileged vantage point. Great evening? Check. Aware of my blessed life? Check.

Brisbane, you are looking lovely

Brisbane, you are looking gorgeous

Me and my lovely.

Me and my lovely.

Sunday: Grateful to catch up with a dear friend for a walk along the waterfront this morning and meet her gorgeous new puppy Ellie. I spent the rest of the day in the company of my extended family celebrating my cousin’s Sweet 16! I felt simultaneously ancient (I was there when she was born) and amazed to know such a gorgeous young lady.

Those lights, that bridge.

Those lights, that bridge.

I watched the fireworks light up the sky on Saturday night and burn away the darkness leftover from winter. Riverfire is a celebration of our city, but for me it was a celebration of how much brightness there is in my life, and how the winter days are brightened by the spark and flame of the love and laughter that can be found every day if only we remember to seek it. If we remember to nourish our life with the light, the darkness stands no chance against its power.

Baby, you're a firework!

Baby, you’re a firework!

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