Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Twenty-Six

First this week I have to give a congratulations to my blogger friend Kate who ran the Blackmores Sydney Half Marathon. Congratulations Kate on your awesome time – you deserve that great looking medal. Also, my real life darling Casey, adopted a new member into her household, and he shares the same name as my kitten. Meet the other Toby.

photo 1

Monday: Grateful for my Mum and Dad having a wonderful holiday in Cairns and arriving home safe and sound. I am getting jealous of their adventure though, so perhaps a tropical sojourn could be on the books sometime in the future…

Tuesday: I enjoyed a lunch time walk with a new office friend; we even managed to time it perfectly between the spring showers. Then I had a short, sweaty workout after work and Chris and I had a wonderful evening of tacos and Stephen Colbert.


Wednesday: Today was one of those days. You know, the day where nothing seems to go your way, say, you left an important section out of a document that your boss was delivering in a another state, the spreadsheet you worked on for five hours suddenly had to change at the whim of someone else, and then when you were out for a run you got chased by two magpies and fell over in sight of home and grazed your knees and elbows and ripped your $90 exercise pants. You know, one of those days. I was super grateful for a hot shower, Mum telling me she could mend my pants, Dad checking my wounds, and a phone call from Chris that was better than a band-aid.

Thursday: I’ve never been so happy to have someone laugh at me. My boss chuckled about my lost sleep over the missing section of the report. Grateful that my anxiety was unfounded. The day got even more awesome because I went for a walk and didn’t fall over, and then my beautiful sister and her husband came over for dinner. I am grateful that they live so close.

Friday: I saw the sunrise on my run, ate a huge breakfast of strawberries and Greek yoghurt, had a successful day at work, and then got to make chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream for a very special young lady’s birthday party.

Guylian chocolates

Saturday: The cool spring morning was perfect for a podcast fuelled walk. I was grateful for my thoughtful boyfriend who brought me beautiful flowers. I made some delicious sandwich cookies.Then I had a great sister date with Jess – we ate all the ice cream: cinnamon and pecan was definitely the way to go.

jess and sushi

Sunday: This was a take-it-slow day taken to the extreme, but I did get some writing done, and washed the sheets. Oh, and there were snuggles – a perfect end to the weekend and start to the next week.

photo (31)

Tell me, dear reader, what are you grateful for this week?

2 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Twenty-Six

  1. Yay for gorgeous Kate and I’m grateful to read her blog this week!

    I had a day like your Wednesday the other week. By 11am I thought it was only safe for me to go back to bed. I was a walking disaster. So I’m also grateful that not every day is like that :=)

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