Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Twenty-Four

Tonight I am sitting alone in the house. My parents have gone on holidays, Chris has gone home, the dog isn’t talking to anyone because she’s depressed that Dad has left her behind, and my cat is seriously evil in a small purr-y and furry body so he doesn’t deign to talk to mere humans at any time. I rarely find myself with this amount of quiet space around me but it presents a great opportunity to reflect on the wonderful week that has passed.

Without further ado let me present the Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Twenty-Four:

Monday: When I got home to Nanny’s house from work she put the kettle on and made me a cup of tea. I was grateful that I had an hour to relax with Chris before we made dinner. As I lay in bed on Monday night the smell of orange blossoms carried on a light spring breeze lulled me into the land of nod.

Nights in Manly

Tuesday: The month of drought finally broke for a few hours this morning. I was grateful for the window in my new workplace so I could watch the first soft sheets fall lightly past colouring the concrete and speckling our window with crystalline drops.

Wednesday: Grateful for an entertaining podcast that had me laughing on my drive home. I am completely in love with the Joy the Baker podcast Joy and Tracey are my new guilty pleasure when driving or running. I just want to sit and sip wine and eat cinnamon buns with these awesome ladies. Also, we had wonderful leftovers of this pasta salad for dinner. Worthy. Definitely worthy.


Thursday: Got home in record time (even with a visit to the cake supply shop) and managed to have a beautiful sunset run (despite being swooped by magpies twice!). Then I stayed up late and made good use of 16 eggs, a kilogram of butter, 6 cups of sugar and a whisk, making an engagement cake for a friend’s sister.

Friday: I am grateful that I made the decision to sleep in this morning. It was needed and it helped me to get in a grocery trip, a run, and cake decorating in the evening.

My grandmother and my little sister

My grandmother and my little sister

Saturday: What a super day! An early morning walk was followed by a great lunch with my sister and my grandmother where we sat out in the sunshine and soaked up the spring in the air and the joy of being in each other’s company. I had a delicious nap in the afternoon, Chris showed up in time for dinner, and we had these very more-ish Cocoa Hazelnut Meringues for dessert. I ate five. Don’t judge.


Sunday: Chris and I had a wonderful quiet day at home after Mum and Dad left for their holiday. Just a day where I could potter around and do some baking and house chores and revel in being in the company of my darling.

joy the baker muffins

This week: I am playing house with Chris! There will be dinners, and Scrabble battles, and some baking for the team at his work.

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