Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Twenty-Three

The days are getting longer and warmer. Spring has been waiting impatiently around the corner for the whole winter, and this week it took centre stage. No longer happy to wait in the wings September swept onto the stage this weekend and with it came beautiful spring weather. Even though I know that the days only get longer by approximately a minute and a half each day, I can feel the hours of sunlight stretching out further with each week that passes. Somehow the heat reaches further every day, and soon my moonlit morning runs will take place as the sun is rising. I am a creature of the sun. I love the heat I feel down to my very bones, I love not having to wear so many clothes, I love feeling the relief as I step from sunlight into shade, and I love watching everything growing and green and lush. I love the searing heat of midday and then the cool relief of sudden violent rainstorms that rock this part of the world in the warmer months. I love spring for its gentle breezes and light sun showers that are the magnificent opening act to summer.

Hanging herb garden built by Dad, planted by me.

Hanging herb garden built by Dad, planted by me.

This week’s Nourished Life Gratitude List:

Monday: Grateful for a well-spent day. An early morning run, a productive day at work, and the chance to get all of the housework out of the way on Monday night, which means I don’t have to do too much for the rest of the week. It may seem mundane, but knowing that all the washing is folded and put away and the sheets are changed nourishes the little cleanliness demon that lives in my heart – and really, there’s nothing like crispy fresh sheets after a long day.

Tuesday: Midweek Scrabble match with Chris (he only beat me by 51 points this time! The man is a Scrabble Master) after a delicious dinner with my parents.

Wednesday: the simple things are what constitute a great life as long as we take a moment to revel in the blessings bestowed upon us. Blessings like: a stress-busting run after work, a bowl of spring onion-filled mashed potato for dinner, chocolate bought for you by the man you love, and an evening spent snuggling and watching a thought-provoking movie.

Spring nights in Manly, or a view from my window

Spring nights in Manly, or a view from my window

Thursday: After two major deadlines at work today, I left the office and had a really hard, fast run that busted any vestiges of stress. Then spent an evening baking for work and made delicious fritters for dinner.

Friday: Tonight we celebrated Friday by meeting friends at a new (to us) restaurant/bar – Cloudland – and eating wonderful Italian-inspired food and drinking and dancing and laughing – a great end to the week.

Chris and I at Cloudland

Chris and I at Cloudland

Saturday: grateful to be part of the community of my local farmer’s market. Mum and I had a very pleasant morning on the almost first day of spring eating breakfast, drinking smooth, locally-roasted coffee, and wandering the aisles of tables groaning with late winter and early spring produce.

Farmer's Market Caprese with Avocado Salad

Farmer’s Market Caprese with Avocado Salad

Sunday: Father’s Day today and a reminder to thank my Dad for all the amazing things he has done for my sister and I as we have grown up, and the ways he continues to show his love for us even as we grow older. We had a very family-oriented day starting with a pancake breakfast (recipe tomorrow) and ending with a roast dinner – and fabulous dessert provided by Jess.

This week I am looking forward to a few morning runs in the sunlight, another big baking job (an engagement cake for 60!), and sharing some yummy recipes with all of you.

One thought on “Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Twenty-Three

  1. Nope there is nothing better than getting into a bed of fresh sheets!!! Especially when they have dried in the sun…. Mmmm.

    Enjoy the warmer weather and extra daylight. It has certainly put a smile on my face. Spring is definitely top of my gratitude list this week!!!


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