Brain Food Friday

Friday is here again! With two big deadlines at work this week life has been about writing, editing, proofreading, editing again, and more proofreading. So, there hasn’t been a lot of time for taking photos of food! I am hoping to do some food-type nourishing over the weekend – Father’s Day is always a great time to conjure a deliciously decadent breakfast for my hardworking and big-hearted Dad, which I will share the results of next week (after the ‘official taste testers’ have deemed it suitable for the blog).

Between draining my brain with misplaced “‘that’s and ‘which’s”, and fighting to align columns correctly I have made time to nourish it with some interesting reading (the second-best type of lunchtime refuelling). I thought that this Friday afternoon I would share some of these links with you in case you are in want of good weekend reading, you know, when the newspaper just isn’t enough.

Planting more of these on the weekend

Planting more of these on the weekend

Our Brisbane winter season ended very abruptly last week and we are now well into strong spring weather, which of course has me thinking about summer and in particular – summer produce! While my family doesn’t belong to a CSA we do shop for our fruit and vegetables at the local farmer’s market and strawberry farm. Some weeks I buy way too much and I hate wasting produce that people have worked so hard to grow. This Greatist article on using up summer vegetables is sure to come in handy over the next few months.

While we are on the subject of summer food, Martha Stewart is supplying tantalising summer grilling recipes to my inbox in quantities that have me itching to break out the barbecue and big jugs of sangria already. This French potato salad from Martha is particularly calling my name – I love with Dijon mustard.

As a late-comer to my own Arts degree, I can see the intrinsic worth this field of study has had in my own life, so I was reassured to read articles railing against the current decline in universities offering English majors. I particularly loved Adam Gopnik’s article and this line

‘We cannot merely produce goods and services as efficiently as we can, sell them to each other as cheaply as possible, and die. Some idea of symbolic purpose, of pleasure-seeking rather than rent seeking, of Doing Something Else, is essential to human existence.’

I truly believe that we are not whole as people, as nations, as a species unless we have something to offer one another, and ourselves, apart from the material. Christina Paxson offers more on the economic case for the humanities and in the summary of her article talks about Horace Mann

‘Horace Mann, trained in the humanities, was instrumental in creating the public school system of the United States. He knew that a broad, secular education, open to all, was one of the foundations of our democracy, and that is was impossible to expect meaningful citizenship without offering people the tools to inform themselves about all of the great questions of life.’

To be truly human, to be truly fulfilled and willing and able to reach out in service and stand up to fight, we must be trained in how to question, and how to think.

(source -

(source –

And finally, just one more food link. This bright and beautiful Mint and Chilli Haloumi with Roast Vegetable Salad (see that photo above – yum!) caught my eye yesterday. Perfect for putting some spring into the end of winter’s produce.

Tell me, dear readers, how will you be nourishing yourself this weekend?
In addition to father’s day there are movie and dinner dates planned, and some running – it’s nearly training season again!

Happy Friday everyone.

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