Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Twenty

This week has been wonderful, and hectic, and exhausting, and wonderful. You definitely use different muscles when you go back to working inside full-time. Thank goodness for running and riding, and yes, even Jillian Michaels for helping me cure my restless legs and reduce the nervous energy of someone not used to sitting down so much. I have been very thankful for being able to take time to exercise over the past week, and for mid-winter weather that is cool and dry and perfect for early morning runs.

I have also found that even though I technically have less hours to do things outside work, I am more inclined to make time for the things I enjoy and maximise the hours I have to myself: Chris and I went on an exciting mid-week date, I have done some serious thinking about my writing, we went to a friend’s house for a house-warming party, I actually started working on the reading for my master’s thesis, and I got some good family time in as well. So much to be grateful for in a busy little life like mine.

Here’s the Thoroughly Nourished Gratitude List for this week (my twentieth!):

Monday: Grateful for my run this morning. I started under a moonlit sky and the sun was only just peeking over the horizon when I returned. I carried the peace and perfection of that night’s end sky with me all day.

Tuesday: Having time to make cookies in the evening and fill the house with smells of peanut butter and chocolate. Two benefits: treats for my loved ones, and a new recipe to share with you all. Keep an eye out for my Chunky Dunkers coming very soon.

Wednesday: Going out to dinner with Chris, eating gorgeous gluten-free gnocchi with basil pesto sauce at Vapiano, and watching a debate between two great minds. Nourishing to my heart and mind.

Professor Lawrence Krauss and Mr Christopher.

Professor Lawrence Krauss and Mr Christopher.

Thursday: Wonderful to have Jess over for dinner in the middle of the week – she was a very useful taste tester for some catering I was doing!

Friday: A house-warming party at Casey and Matt’s new abode was an opportunity to catch up with friends and eat absolutely delicious food: corn and leek soup, risotto with parmesan and truffle oil (Casey keeps it in a little spritzer bottle – great idea!), grilled vegetable skewers, espresso ice cream, gluten-free melting moments, and chocolate and coconut dipped strawberries. So full, so happy. Very glad I went for a long run before work!

(l-r) Chunky Dunkers, Sunday breakfast, Saturday dinner, Peanut Butter Lindt ball stuffed chocolate cakes

(l-r) Chunky Dunkers, Sunday breakfast, Saturday dinner, Peanut Butter Lindt ball stuffed chocolate cakes

Saturday: Went for a long, long walk while catching up some of my favourite podcasts (Can’t get enough Splendid Table and Talking with My Mouth Full). I felt like I had been racing everywhere all week and a long, slow stride was just what I needed to get some balance back in my life. My new walking spot is so beautiful and I even saw a wallaby and her joey bouncing back into the bush!

Sunday: Dad and I had a great talk over breakfast and then Mum and I went shopping! At Target!

Not a bad place to walk at all. Considering it is in an industrial estate.

Not a bad place to walk at all. Considering it is in an industrial estate.

Okay dear readers, time to share: what are you the most grateful for this week?

Do you find that you get more done when you have less time?

One thought on “Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Twenty

  1. Honestly the thing I was most grateful for this week was that the toilet that I thought was well over a kilometre away actually ended up being a lot closer.

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