Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Nineteen

Sunday is my recovery day. The day when I allow myself to wake up later than nine o’clock, to lie in bed curved into the warm smooth solid wall of Chris’s back and just enjoy that feeling of resting. I linger in that sacred space between waking and sleeping when you are aware of the world, but you do not yet have to become part of it. Sunday is the day I take off exercise – unless I go for a walk with Jess. I don’t try to do anything too high impact I merely sit and allow my bones and muscles to untie the knots that I have tied over the week.

Sunday is the day when Mum and I drink too many cups of tea in the afternoon and watch specials on Shakespeare or re-runs of favourite TV shows while we go about our pre-Monday pottering. Sunday is the day when I stand still among the whirling of the world and take notice of the beautiful, precious, perfectly-imperfect parts of my life and reflect on how grateful I am for a vibrant life, and yes, how grateful I am for Sunday.

A sunrise to start my week

A sunrise to start my week

This week’s Nourished Life Gratitude List:

Monday: (I know I already wrote about this but…) Grateful to be back in the working world! It’s going to take some figuring out and adjusting to, but I am happy to be contributing to the world again and using my grey matter, and learning lots of new and useful skills.

Tuesday: Mum and I had one final day off together. After a wonderful visit from my grandmother I did some baking and we just enjoyed our time together.

Wednesday: The last day of my internship at The Australian Writer’s Marketplace Online. My colleagues were all so sweet and had afternoon tea with me, and I can’t wait to see them around again at all the writing and publishing related events that take place in Brisbane. I’m even thinking of doing a few courses later in the year… I was so grateful to have experienced time working in an art’s organisation and helping to curate some content for the new website, as well as running Facebook writing races every week. Thank you to the team at AWM and QWC.

Chris and I had a visitor one night while making dinner

Chris and I had a visitor one night while making dinner.

Thursday: My first day! So grateful to have Chris soothing my pre-first-day nerves, and great new potential friends at work. I even managed to get a post-first-day nerve-busting workout.

Friday: A busy second day and I am grateful that I’m starting to feel in the swing of things at work. I am also grateful that I made the decision to take my run outside. As my feet hit the ground and the sun hit the horizon all my stress and nerves melted into the gathering shadows and I started the weekend feeling fresh.

Saturday: Mum, Jess, and I finally returned to the markets after an extended absence! I was so grateful to see my farmer’s market friends, sip on the best cappuccino, taste the fresh produce, and find inspiration for week-night vegetable-filled meals (I shall share in due course). Then a great long, slow run through my new favourite running path, and an evening spent talking, laughing, and sipping on a wine (or two) when Chris and I visited friends.

Food of the week (L-R) Stir-fry dinner, Sundowner apples at the markets, beautiful purple leaves, weekend market-fresh lunch.

Food of the week (L-R) Stir-fry dinner, Sundowner apples at the markets, beautiful purple leaves, weekend market-fresh lunch.

Sunday: Right now I am grateful that I did the housework yesterday so that I can recline on the couch, write this little journal to you all, and watch a special on Shakespeare’s plays while a mid-winter afternoon breeze carries fresh floral and cut-grass scents through my open windows.

I hope you all have a thoroughly nourished week. Tomorrow, I have a sparkling lemon bundt cake recipe to share with you – something sweet to nourish the soul, and later in the week I will have a healthy week-night meal that will nourish your body.

Tell me, dear reader, what are you grateful this week?

What are your Sundays like – rested or hectic?

Any recipes that you would like to see on the site? 

Please share your thoughts

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