Weekly Mantra: Say Yes, Then Figure it Out

say yes


Thursday (yesterday) was my first day at my new job. A huge thank you to everyone for the well wishes, and to the darling Chris for dealing with my nerves (oh, they were first-day-back-at-school bad).

Of course, everyone was lovely, and my nerves were unwarranted. I think what really compounded the butterflies beating against the wall of my chest and the fist gripping my throat was the short time between the job offer and my start date. I said yes, and then forgot that I have the freedom to figure out my life afterwards. I forgot my spirit of adventure, the part within me that when I am travelling says ‘yes’ to everything and then figures out the path and the particulars when my feet have already hit the road.

I need to take that attitude with me to the workplace. I need to say yes, and learn everything I can, and figure out where all this fits in the grand scheme of my life’s dream as I go. For now, just saying yes was enough. For now, I just need to be patient with myself and make the most of the opportunity. I said yes. I am still figuring the rest out, and that’s okay.

For now, I find ways to sprinkle the little pieces of the dream in between the bigger rocks of reality. Mum always told me to take a good attitude to work, make the workplace happy, if you have to be at work then you have the power to control your attitude towards your day. Then, when you are outside work you can use the freedom afforded by employment to pursue your dreams and that which you are passionate about. The wisdom is to say yes to the possibility of being able to pursue your dream and figure out the path towards that dream while you are moving. Say yes and the universe will listen.

Dear reader, do you say yes and then try to figure the rest out? Or, are you the type that considers all outcomes and possibilities before embarking on a new endeavour?

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