Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Eighteen, and An Announcement

This morning I woke with an anticipatory heartbeat pounding in my chest. As you all know I have been out of work for the past couple of months and madly searching for a way to get my foot back into the office. So with the gumption-inspiring words of Elizabeth Taylor echoing in my head I set off for my interview.

head up


And – I’m employed again! I am so grateful to my family, friends, and darling Chris for taking care of me while I was in-between employment. I found it really hard to be not working, as wonderful as it sounds, early (early, early) retirement is not all that it is hyped up to be. I felt like I wasn’t contributing to the world, and something inside me, some vital part of my self esteem and self-image was missing because I couldn’t complete the picture of myself as an independent young woman without employment. I am stomach-churningly nervous about my start on Thursday, mainly because the work will be completely different to anything I’ve ever done before, and because I am not the most socially sophisticated creature. But you don’t grow unless you put yourself outside your comfort zone, and who knows what I will discover about myself when I step through that door on Thursday morning.

Of course I am going to keep blogging; I am so appreciative of having this platform to express myself creatively, and the opportunity to explore my writing, my cooking, and just my own thoughts about the world here and connect with you all in the process. So, while it may take me a while to figure out the rhythm of working full-time again, as well as blogging, running, cooking, and writing, I hope you will all join me in this journey. I am thankful for each and every one of you.

This week’s gratitude list:

Monday: My poor Mum was home sick all day, but we enjoyed our time together and I am grateful that we had one last lazy day before the new adventure starts.

Tuesday: A great run, and then a baking job where I got to create a beautiful pink rose cake.

Wednesday: An awesome workout with my favourite workout partner – Mr Christopher. A nourished life indeed.

Thursday: Wandered around the valley a little this morning, taking photos and stopping to have coffee and read a new Donna Hay magazine. Expect some recipes inspired by this gorgeous publication.

photo (30) - Copy

Friday:  Grateful to have a day off and dedicate myself to cooking a wonderful dinner for Mum and Dad. The afore-posted Red Wine Braised Beef Short Rib Stew with Rosemary Pecorino Cornbread (try, oh do).

photo (31)

Saturday: I had a wonderful run/walk and I was grateful to discover a beautiful new piece of paradise in my own backyard. I also spent a great afternoon having high tea at ‘Tea and Niceties‘ in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Their gluten-free vegetarian high tea was probably the best I’ve ever had. Expect a review next week.

photo (32)

Sunday: Chris and I had a very lazy morning, and then a wonderful brunch date before I did some baking, and then our evening was pleasantly spent celebrating the birthday of one of my oldest friends, Josie. Her other half even made a delicious sweet potato and spinach quiche (I have been inspired to create my own version) and a luscious custard and berry pudding.

Monday: Well, I just had to include the start of this new week here. I am so grateful to have a job again. Here we go!

Tell me, dear reader, what are you most grateful for this week? Does your job form a large part of your self esteem and identity?

2 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Eighteen, and An Announcement

  1. Congratulations! Being out of work is no fun (I’ve been there). I bet you make lots of new friends and will learn heaps in your new role.

  2. Congratulations!!!! I bet your first day (today) goes like a dream. Enjoy this new exciting adventure!

    Being off work sounds like a dream but for me I found a lot of my self worth was tied up in “how hard I worked” and it was a challenge. I can completely relate to the feeling that something is missing!!!!

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