Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Seventeen

My apologies friends, I meant to post a yummy vegetarian recipe and a sweet treat this week, but the truth is, I lost my cooking mojo this week. My appetite has shrivelled up and although I have been eating enough, I have just been a bit uninspired in my kitchen efforts. This week most of my meals consisted of baked beans with vegetables, or (eek) pre-made soup jazzed up with some vegetables, so this week I am endeavouring to get my cooking spirit back. I shall invoke the names of the kitchen gods and goddesses before I step foot into the sacred space of the kitchen (Nigel, Nigella, Martha – help me!) and by the end of the week my goal is to present two shining new recipes to you all, and to add some sparkle back into my meal times.

To that end, let us commence the Thoroughly Nourished Life Gratitude List for this week.

trees monday 15_7

Monday: Grateful for an early start and walk with Mama and Molly. Though I was cold when I first started out, I quickly warmed up and enjoyed being a witness for the opening of the day.

afternoon tea with casey

Tuesday: A sweet introduction to my sweet friends Casey and Matt’s new place. Casey and I enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea and I got the grand tour!

Wednesday: I love my writing community, and even though there was a large football/rugby final on television, eighteen of us gathered at a Facebook event to encourage each other in our writing. Also, Chris and I had an awesome work out in the afternoon.

red velvet

Thursday: Grateful that I got to visit not one, but two libraries this afternoon. I have a real penchant for reading about the Victorian era at the present time and I came out with a huge pile of hard backs and an equally large smile. Oh, I also made cute red velvet cupcakes for Chris’s work.

Friday: After a heart-warming start to the morning at my coffee date with Jenny. I made coffee, date and walnut slice. Dad and I have completely demolished it over the weekend. I will make another and post the recipe this week.

saturday walk

Saturday: After a brisk morning walk and housework, Chris and I had an exciting date night – great Indian food and a movie. We saw Pacific Rim – giant robots, scary roaring axid-spitting monsters, a seemingly-bottomless CGI budget and a decent focus on the human interest element equalled a successful date night movie.

Sunday: Laziest day. Soul nourishing sleep in and a late lazy brunch were elements to end the week on a high and set up a superb start to the next.

Well, my lovelies, that is the gratitude list for this week. Now I am off to observe one of my favourite Sunday night rituals: tea and a book curled up on my favourite couch while Mum and Dad watch ‘Elementary’.

Tell me, what were you grateful for this week? Was there a particular time of day when you stood back and just smiled at the wonder of life?

Has anyone got any tips to help me get my cooking mojo back?

2 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Seventeen

  1. It’s funny – maybe you know why, but I was thinking that sometimes, we do just lose our mojo for a bit, and it’s a matter of riding it out. I have no doubt it will be back soon. What I really get from this post is that you’re just letting it be and accepting that things aren’t always at ACTION level! Much love and hope you’re having a thoroughly nourished Sunday night!

  2. The thing I’m most grateful for this week is all my wonderful friends. One back from her honeymoon, another that I caught up with for a birthday breakfast, another who’s going through a tough time with her daughter and I feel privileged that she’s confided in me, my daily chats with my running coach that aren’t always about running. I feel rich with all these people in my life.

    And as for the cooking mojo – I’ve been watching the Great Australian Bakeoff and even though it’s not that great a program, it’s really inspiring. Then there’s always Pinterest. I just have to look at some of those cupcake pictures and I feel the urge.

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