Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Sixteen


Vivian Greene's words of wisdom

Vivian Greene’s words of wisdom

Vivian Greene’s words of wisdom were certainly true this week. Every day there was something to do, someone to see, and a lot to be grateful for. My life was raining blessings. I have tried to be patient over the past few months (with a lot of help from my family and friends) and finally life seems to be starting again, the seeds I have planted seem to be blossoming, and will hopefully soon bear fruit. When this fruit starts ripening and the sweetness bursting forth, I will share the good news with you all. For now I sit quietly, listen to the rain falling softly on the new buds, and dance.

And so, this week’s Thoroughly Nourished Life Gratitude List:

Monday: Rest day after my half marathon and I spent it reading a great new book and baking (and eating!) chocolate chocolate chip cookies (refuelling continued).

Tuesday: A day at home with Mama, a ride on the bike to stretch out my legs, and baking snickerdoodle cupcakes for Chris to take to work.

Wednesday: My time as an intern at the Australian Writer’s Marketplace is drawing to a close, so I am enjoying every day that I have left there. Then I had time for a walk around the city before Chris and I headed home for dinner and another Writing Race (this time with the incredible Christina Brooke).

Sights on my Wednesday walk.

Sights on my Wednesday walk.

Thursday: A great walk out in the sunshine while I listened to another of my favourite podcasts – Stuff You Missed in History Class. Then a reassuring meeting with my Master’s supervisor and a potential career proposition. But, the highlight of Thursday was dinner and shopping with my sweetheart. We were so domestic it had me smiling; our own version of Norman Rockwell included buying new socks (black business for him, grey and pink bow print for me) and slippers for Chris (bear feet!) and eating sushi for dinner.

Friday: My first run since the half marathon. Slow going but I felt capable and strong. After a terrifyingly long wait at a government office (three hours!) I was grateful to get into the kitchen and do some baking for a birthday party. Mum made the most gorgeous butterfly cut-outs to grace the tops of the cupcakes.

Saturday: An awesome outside run in the sunshine, then a shopping trip, and a wonderful nap – there is something super-indulgent and special about a nap on a Saturday afternoon. Then Chris and I visited some friends for a barbecue.

Sunday: A lazy wake-up and some grocery shopping for me, and an awesome afternoon walk with Jess, which was a great chance to reconnect after a busy few weeks.

photo (27)

Now, it is Sunday night, I am reading another wonderful new book and getting ready for my walk tomorrow morning. Sleep well friends, and I promise more posts this week – I’ve got a vegetarian recipe, something sweet for a treat, and some of my thoughts too.

Tell me dear friends, what are you grateful for this week?

Anyone else dancing in the sweet rain of seeds bearing fruit?


4 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Sixteen

  1. Wow, those cupcake butterflies are just gorgeous. The cupcakes look pretty delicious too.

    I’m grateful for a great speed session this morning with long recoveries between intervals. For having work when it looked like I’d have nothing to do this week. And for a sunny day to get my washing dry. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make me happiest.

    • Thanks Char! I think if we can notice the smallest things, like a sunny day to get the washing dry, then we will live a happier life because each happy little moment strings together this line of days we live 🙂

  2. I am grateful for sweet words and lovely friends!

    That quote was one of my friend’s favourites. She died 4 years ago, just before she turned 21, and her best friend had that quote tattooed on her back in Japanese. It will always remind me of her, and I smile every time I see it.

    Thank you for the reminder to breathe and enjoy the people we love xx

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