Nourished Life Gratitude List Weeks Thirteen and Fourteen

This cold winter weather is making indoor pursuits much more appealing than stepping outside. I am very lucky to have a huge stack of books beside my bed to keep me company and the space to do some sweaty workouts inside in training for the Gold Coast Half Marathon (only two weeks now – eek!). I have also been grateful for visits to old friends and time with my family to bring warmth to all the corners of my life. Given my accident only two weeks out from the race I am super grateful that my parents bought a stationary bike a few weeks ago. What a life saver that has been. No exercise = cranky Amy.


Week Thirteen

Monday: Wonderful 10km run while listening to some of my favourite BBC podcasts: A Good Read, and, Open Book.

Tuesday: Mum had some errands to run this morning so I cooked us a proper ladies lunch – artichoke, potato, and onion frittata with a spinach salad – and we spent our lunchtime in pleasant conversation.

Wednesday: Such a great day at my internship and then the opportunity to talk to a great writer (Katherine Howell!) about murder and mayhem.

Thursday: Feeling a little sore and sorry for myself today after my fall on Wednesday and I was so grateful that Chris came and acted as chauffeur and drove me to deliver my last assignment for the semester. Trained on the bike while watching movies.

Friday: I caught up with some friends I haven’t seen in a very long time. As well as a wonderful cup of coffee (thanks Stacey) and a new running group to try I got some awesome ideas for the blog. Watch this space!

Saturday: Golden day. Wonderful morning at the markets with Mum and Jess, a great cake-making project to light my creative fires, and a delicious dinner made by my talented little sister: Gnocchi ai quattro formaggi (four cheese gnocchi) and a chocolate cheesecake with ice cream and butterscotch sauce.

Sunday: Late sleep-in and an impromptu date to see World War Z with my darling Chris. It was such a wonderful day that I’ll even forgive him for laughing at my cowering behind my hands during some of the scarier scenes.


Week Fourteen

Monday: Beautiful walk outside with a few jogging intervals. So grateful that my knee feels like it is back on track.

Tuesday: First run since last week. 11km completed very slowly, but I made it. Then I had pasta for dinner as a reward. So happy to see Chris’s mum and grandma. Lovely family dinner.

Wednesday: Internship day. Exciting author chat (Kate Forsyth!) and then one of the best evenings ever with my sweet boyfriend.

Thursday: Another run completed today. Total of 12km. Slow again but I’m back! Then had a wonderful time messing about in the kitchen making mocha cupcakes with coffee buttercream for Chris to take to work. Love having more sweet tooth people to feed.

Friday: Great 10km walk around Manly and Wynnum. The harbour is so beautiful in the morning light. Then I got to catch up with one of my close friends. Thanks for the coffee Jenny!

Saturday: Peaceful but busy day with my darling Casey – I’ve missed you! Then groceries, writing, and watching truly terrible action movies with Mum and Dad.

Sunday: Picking up my race number today for next week’s half marathon! Grateful to be back and have the opportunity to run this life.

So, dear readers, what are you most grateful for this fortnight? Anyone else got a race coming up?

One thought on “Nourished Life Gratitude List Weeks Thirteen and Fourteen

  1. I am the biggest wimp in cold weather, it’s not even funny.

    I admire you training for the marathon! (and that food looks delicious as always).

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