Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Twelve

Oh so much sugar this week! Thank goodness I have been training for a half marathon is all I’m going to say. This colder weather has me diving into the nearest sugar bag and baking up a storm, so much so that I might need to just pull back a little and focus on nourishing my body with a little more than cookies and frosting. So, once I’ve shared my new cookie recipe with you tomorrow, maybe we should agree to a few healthy winter recipes around here for a few weeks? Not quite a diet, but a mid-winter refresh!

Saturday walk.

Saturday walk.

All that sugar definitely made for a very sweet week for more senses than taste. Here is the Nourished Life Gratitude List for last week:

Monday: The Queen’s Birthday long weekend meant a Monday spent at home with my family and my sweetheart. Then reality struck and I worked on my second-last assignment for the semester (and third last for my Master’s Degree) into the small hours.

Tuesday: Today I got to hand in that second-last assignment. I also had a chance to bake a cake for a beautiful friend (check it out here).

Wednesday: After a long and challenging day at my internship I was so grateful for a ride home with Chris. Despite the bad (really bad) traffic I enjoyed the time to relax and catch-up on our days. These are the little moments that count the most I feel. Don’t let traffic throw you out of a good mood. Crank up the radio, chat to your car-pooling buddy or just cherish a few moments where no-one can interrupt you and you can sift through your thoughts in peace.

Reading while waiting for Chris.

Reading while waiting for Chris.

Thursday: Today was all about baking and biking. I baked some biscuits for Chris’s work (the recipe that I will share with you tomorrow) and then I jumped on the stationary bike for a long (40km) cross-training session while I watched Murder She Wrote and dreamed of the day that I am a full-time writer (it’s all about visualisation).

Sweaty and smiley

Sweaty and smiley

Friday: This week my long run was only 8 miles so after I finished I came home and had time for some baking – cookies for me this time! Then I made pumpkin soup and whole wheat cheese and herb scrolls for dinner before Chris surprised me by taking me out to the movies to see ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ – so, so good.

Saturday: Mum and I had a great morning at the markets. The chilly winter morning was perfect for sleeping in so we arrived a little later than usual, but I was grateful for a little more snuggle time and then time to chat with Mum. Saturday night was all about gratitude for the wonderful man that I am in a relationship with. Chris and I celebrated our six month anniversary with dinner and another trip to the movies – I am a spoiled girl. Thank you darling, I am so lucky to love you.

Stacks on stacks of cookies

Stacks on stacks of cookies

Sunday: Oh…I slept in late this morning! So late in fact that I couldn’t term my first meal breakfast it had to be brunch. Chris and I played Scrabble as we woke up, I gobbled more cookies all afternoon, and my baby sister came to visit us.


4 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Twelve

  1. Sounds a lovely weekend. You look like you live in a lovely, almost semi-rural area judging by your walking image, how lovely.

    Oh and I made pumpkin soup on the w/e as well! I love soup weather 😀

    • It was a lovely weekend Emma 🙂 I live in suburbia edged by semi-rural properties and it makes for some nice walking. Nothing like pumpkin soup in winter 🙂

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