Nourished Life Gratitude List Weeks Ten and Eleven

The past two weeks have been an odd mix of fits and starts. In some things I feel as though I have been making great progress. I have gotten my teeth into my romantic fiction manuscript and I passed the seven thousand mark the other day. I know it’s only a small start, but it’s the most I’ve ever written on a story and I can see the character’s journey unfolding before me. All I have to do is persevere and get it down before my deadline of March 24 next year.

In some other things I feel a little stifled, and no matter how much I keep chasing things down, the finish line keeps moving away from me. But, onward is the only way.

In all of this, I have had a lot to be grateful for. Here are the everyday moments that have made me grateful over the past fortnight.


Week Ten:

Monday: Coming home from a long run to snuggles and kisses from Molly.

My favourite post-run treat!

My favourite post-run treat!

Tuesday: A muffin and tea break in the afternoon sun before heading off for my final class at uni. Only six months left to go now!

Wednesday: A stormy lunchtime scroll to get lunch. I love this city.

Thursday: Awesome writing day! First day of working on a story and 2500 words done!

Friday: Meeting a very dear friend for coffee at the yacht club. It was wonderful to catch up with you Jenny.

View from the deck of the cafe.

View from the deck of the cafe.

Saturday: Spending the evening with my wonderful boyfriend after a long day of work with my beautiful family.

Sunday: Making special Chocolate Lolly Gobble Bliss Bomb Cupcakes for Mama to take to work for her birthday.


Filled with salted caramel too.

Filled with salted caramel too.

Week Eleven:

Monday: My longest run yet in training for the Gold Coast Half Marathon – 16km. Also, I got to go grocery shopping, which I love.

Tuesday:  Some of Mum’s friends gathered around our table for a morning tea birthday party.

Pink, vanilla, and sprinkle - what else does a girl need on her birthday?

Pink, vanilla, and sprinkle – what else does a girl need on her birthday?

Wednesday: A great writing race for my internship, and the chance to ask the brilliant Fiona Palmer some questions.

Thursday: The scent of lime and coconut wafting through my kitchen while my Lime and Coconut Snack Cake baked.

Friday: The chance to talk to some amazing women at the Sassy Survivors meeting.

Saturday: Made some new friends at the market this morning and stocked up on my favourite citrus: imperial mandarins!

Sunday: A family (and those friends who are family) dinner for Mum’s birthday. So lovely to see everyone gathered around the table.

The grande finale - Skittles Birthday cake! Taste the rainbow.

The grande finale – Skittles Birthday cake! Taste the rainbow.

Now, I am off to hand in my second-last university assignment for this semester, go for a challenging interval run, and then come home  and read a little bit.

Tell me, dear reader, what has made you grateful these past two weeks? Do you feel as though your life is sailing along in some places and snailing along in others?

Tomorrow – a recipe for Almond Tea Cake with Rosewater Glaze. 

2 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List Weeks Ten and Eleven

  1. I hereby commission you to make all my birthday cakes from now on. Also – can you do me a favour and post the link to where you got a deadline to write a book?!

    • I would love to make your birthday cakes!! I’m seeing something in purple at the moment, or maybe a choc-hazelnut combination (I’m a fellow Nutella nut too).
      Close to my birthday Chris and I were having a discussion, and I can’t remember how we got around to it, but basically I have set myself the goal and been challenged to achieve it by my darling. Write a romantic fiction manuscript by my 27th birthday. Scary, but exciting.

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