Monday Mantra: Just Dance

I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t dance at least once. Perhaps dancing isn’t the right word for it. Dancing connotes some sort of grace and elegance in the movement, so I think we can best describe what happens to my body as ‘dance-like’ – anyway- the point is every day I find something causes me to break out into an impromptu grapevine, twist, booty-shake, or vogue (a Madonna video clip is always great fora Monday).

Most of the time my dancing is caused by something scrumptious to eat – a new cookie recipe causes me to break it down in the kitchen, or a tester crumb of some new cheddar will have me screwing up my eyes and shoulder-shimmying in the aisles of the supermarket.

I have been known to get home from a great workout, put on some Lady Gaga (or Ke$ha – shh!!) and get sassy while I’m riding the endorphin high.

I’ve danced when I discovered a favourite author has a new book coming out, or I get a text message from someone I love, or sometimes just because it’s the weekend in four days.

There doesn’t have to be an amazing earth-shaking reason to get up out of your chair and move to the tune in your head. There just has to be something that brings you happiness, more happiness than a mere smile can convey.

Dance, even Nietzsche said so.

Dance, even Nietzsche said so.

We need to seek out the threads of happiness in those little moments, and then just let ourselves go. Let the joy float up and touch every part of your soul until that mirror ball drops down from the kitchen ceiling and you find yourself on the set of Saturday Night Fever (in your mind of course). Then let it rock.

Find a reason to dance everyday. Dance for the joy of the moment. Dance in gratitude for today, yesterday, and the promise of a tomorrow.

Dear reader, what made you dance today? For me, meeting my long run goal for this week and ticking some university tasks off my list!

3 thoughts on “Monday Mantra: Just Dance

  1. haha I love this.

    Ant (hubby) and I dance sometimes to Rage film clips on Saturday mornings … just between you and me 😉 😉

    Never fails to put a smile on my face.

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