Monday Mantra: Pursue Your Dreams

We do not fear the leap. We fear the fall that we expect will follow. We stop taking chances and pursuing our dreams because the paralysis of fear stops us in our tracks before we can even really begin. If we don’t chase what we really want then we know what the outcome is already. If we don’t move towards our dreams the distance between us and them never changes. We stay in our (sometimes unsatisfying) present, and repeat the words ‘one day’ to ourselves, but we never take ‘one day’ into our own hands and make it today.

If we are going to live our own authentic life and stand in our true selves then we need to pursue our dreams. We need to take courage from the thousands of other souls who make the leap everyday. Take courage that the first step could lessen the distance between you and your dream. Take courage that even the pursuit of your dream can be a wonderful adventure, sometimes you might even find another dream greater than the one you expected, or you might fail and that’s okay too. Failing is hard. It hurts to land on hard ground. Trust me. I have tried, I have failed, and I have cried and mourned a dream that has died. The important thing when we witness the death of one of our dreams is that we take that experience and let it feed our courage to pursue the next dream. To try again, and this time do it better, knock louder, leap higher, trust ourselves more.

My dreams scare me. They are bigger than I am. I am small right now. I have been knocked down and I am learning my way back. But I have courage. I have courage fed by love, gratitude for my present life, belief in the general positivity of life, the kindness of humanity, and that if you keep making today that ‘one day’ then you are doing all you can to chase those dreams of yours down.

Dear reader, what gives you courage? Do your dreams scare you? What dreams are you chasing at the moment?

2 thoughts on “Monday Mantra: Pursue Your Dreams

  1. such a beautiful post! and confession: i’ve tried and failed too!! haha…not a rarity, i think if most people are shooting high enough for dreams that matter, there will always be failures. but we can’t let the fear of them paralyze us…failures make us stronger and teach us how we can succeed. heck, even if u end up never fully hitting a goal, i believe there is much to be said for the journey.

    • Thanks Cait. We do have to move forward, and as the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!
      The journey is always worth it when you have your friends and family with you along the way 🙂

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