Nourished Life Gratitude List: Week Seven

At this present moment I am sitting with my Mum celebrating Mother’s Day in true Chatwin style: nerdy movies, blankets and bottomless cups of tea. I have had a brilliantly busy week, and although there have been some difficult points the awesome moments and amazing opportunities have definitely outweighed them. I have had a lot to be grateful for this week.

Therefore, this week’sΒ Nourished Life Gratitude List:

Monday: My darling Chris’s birthday. We had the laziest, loveliest day possible. I did some writing, cooked a birthday cake, and just revelled in the company of the birthday boy.

Stout and Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Buttercream

Stout and Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Buttercream

Tuesday: I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to Caroline’s grade eleven class about what a dietitian does, the basics of healthy eating, and the importance of healthy body image. I love doing these talks because sometimes I wish someone had given me this advice when I was younger. Thank you Caroline for a lovely morning.

Wednesday: A great day at my internship. I am so grateful to Chris and Nanny for taking over dinner and clean-up duties while I worked during dinner, at the dinner table.

Thursday: Grateful to Jenny for making sure I got out of the office and ate lunch in the sunshine. Autumn lunches on the terrace are one of my favourite things. I spent the evening with my darling doing two of our favourite things: eating vegetable fritters and watching ‘The Colbert Report‘. So grateful that I have found my kindred spirit in political satire appreciation.

His (top, with bacon) and Hers (bottom, with tomato relish)

His (top, with bacon) and Hers (bottom, with tomato relish)

Friday: I am working on a feature article for one of my university subjects and I had the honour to interview a lady who founded a group for young breast cancer survivors. I am so thankful to her for sharing her story with me. A true reminder of how blessed my life is, and that you needn’t look far to find someone inspiring.

Saturday: Chris and I spent the night at Jupiter’s Casino on the Gold Coast. We went for a lovely walk around the grounds, napped in the huge king-sized bed, dined at Osteria VivoΒ (which I highly, highly recommend – delicious food, attentive staff, and a pleasant atmosphere), and Chris took advantage of the casino part of the hotel while I did some writing. I had such a great weekend away, thank you darling.

Oh yeah room service. Best chocolate thick shake ever.

Oh yeah room service. Best chocolate thick shake ever.

My darling and I.

My darling and I.

Sunday: I am grateful I got to spend today with my Mum. So many sons and daughters are without their mothers, and I am lucky enough to still live with mine. Thank you for being my mother, my friend, and my confidante. I love you Mama. I am also grateful to Jess for making an awesome Mother’s Day lunch – and a crust-less “tart” so I could enjoy dessert too.

Jess's amazing sweet potato, caramelised onion, and roasted almond salad.

Jess’s amazing sweet potato, caramelised onion, and roasted almond salad.


Tell me, dear reader, what were you grateful for this week? Any moments that made you sit back and remember how fortunate you are?

4 thoughts on “Nourished Life Gratitude List: Week Seven

  1. What a week! You could never complain of lack of variety… You have so many wonderful things on the go which in turn seems to bring wonderful people to your life.

    This week I am grateful for Big A who looked after me while I was sick. You know how hard it is for us to have to ask for help and when Big A stepped up without fuss I was so grateful.

    PS as soon as my belly can stomach it I want a thick shake! I haven’t had one in years!!!!! Mmmm. Inspired!

    • I hope you are feeling better soon! Good job Big A for stepping in and taking care of his gorgeous runner goddess.
      I had to sneak a sip of Chris’s thick shake after the look on his face when he took the first slurp. So good I should have ordered one of my own πŸ™‚ Next time!
      I certainly can’t complain about boredom, and I’m certain that if I actually had routine in my life I wouldn’t know what to do πŸ™‚

  2. What a great week! That cake you made looks fantastic and it looks like a nice trip you took with your man to the coast!

    This week I am grateful for being able to make my boy smile just by smiling myself. I never knew how much power a simple smile could have when someone needs it the most. πŸ™‚

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