Monday (er…Tuesday) Mantra: A Leap of Faith

As I alluded to in Monday’s post there are some big changes happening in my life at the moment. Changes that I need to process and pull apart like tangled string before I can present them here and speak about the way forward; my future is a little uncertain in some areas and beautifully certain in others.

Therefore this week’s mantras are about taking the next step when you can’t see the floor beneath your feet. How can I not be ready to leap forward into the unknown when I am so blessed and lucky to know that fall or fly I have love in my life: love that will pick up the broken pieces or lift me even higher.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

I can’t help but think the events that took place are the universe telling me, urging me, shouting at me, that it is time to take that next step: to leave all I have known and forge a way into a new future. This is not a time to be shy, to sit back and wait for the world to come to me, this is the time to pursue a new path, take the leap forward even though the way is unclear.

Margaret Shepard

Margaret Shepard

What is next? Who knows? The possibilities are only limited by my imagination and my willingness to fight for what I want in my life. What will be authentic to me? What will satiate the desire to create and leave my mark on the world? What do I feel called to do? These are questions that will need to be answered. Some now, some later. But the only way to achieve anything is to have faith-  in myself and in others and in the universe – and to take the next leap.

3 thoughts on “Monday (er…Tuesday) Mantra: A Leap of Faith

  1. Ohh Amy sounds like the universe is throwing you a curly and you are completely embracing it!!!! Can’t wait to hear more of what the future holds. Take that leap of faith because you are surrounded with an amazing group of friends and family that love you so you have nothing to lose. You already got Everything!

    PS happy birthday to Chris!!!! His cakes looked amazing :=)

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