Monday Mantra: Everything to Do, Done!

I have several quotes pinned to the front door of my office, and the same quotes appear on the inspiration board next to my bed. One is from J.R.R. Tolkien and the other from Margaret Thatcher. Whenever I feel my motivation levels slipping, and my mind wandering to the possibility of just lying in bed all day I look to Margaret Thatcher’s words for encouragement. So I present this week’s Monday Mantra:

The iron lady said it right. (source)

The iron lady said it all. (source)

Last night as I tried to drift off to sleep I reflected on the Nourished Life Gratitude Lists that I have been posting for the last month. When I sit down to write those posts I have a great chance to not only think about what I am grateful for, but also what I have managed to achieve over the previous seven days. Last night I noticed that even though the past few weeks have been quite busy, I haven’t felt this happy and satisfied for a long time. When I take the chance to seize each day and use it for all it is worth I go to bed with a deep feeling of peace convinced that I am not letting life pass me by.

This morning my day started at 5:30 am. My alarm went off and the shrill sound shook me out of a dream about something that I can’t remember now in the light of day. I switched off the alarm; I even went so far as to reset it to 6 am thinking ‘I’ll just have another half an hour’, then my Mama knocked on the door wondering if I still wanted a wake-up call. I rolled over, up, out of bed. Once my feet touched the floor I knew that I just had to make the most of today. Try and use up every precious moment that I have been given. It’s just like a race really: you give it all you’ve got and worry about the blisters at the finishing line. Out into the dawning day I went with hope in my heart. My run (10.5 km) was slow, steady, and measured, but I finished it without needing to stop and restart my lungs. Home I came; washing, bed-stripping and remaking, dishwasher emptying and reloading – all chores defeated before lunch. Talking to patients, applying for a part-time position (fingers crossed tightly), researching for my assignment and liaising with interviewees for my article – all done. (I was also super impressed that I figured out how to print double-sided on my home printer – technological genius traits must be rubbing off from Chris.)

I even managed to sit outside and journal while I was having my lunch. Time away from the screens – check!

Bright autumn day perfect for lunch outside.

Bright autumn day perfect for lunch outside.

Baroness Thatcher’s words kept playing through my mind this morning calling me to envision how satisfied I would feel tonight when I sat down after dinner to read knowing that I had faced a day with a lot on my check-list and I had achieved everything on it. At this point I am also reminded of one of my Mama’s favourite sayings: ‘Don’t count the days, make the days count.’ I think this is one of the keys to a nourished life: take each day and use it up until there is nothing left. Use every minute to nourish yourself and the world around you. Make every moment count.

And today, I have. What an example for tomorrow. Tuesday, get ready, I’ve got my eyes on you….

Dear reader, which days do you reach the end of feeling most satisfied? Are there certain items you keep on check-list in your mind that are the benchmarks for a successful day?

3 thoughts on “Monday Mantra: Everything to Do, Done!

  1. oh i’m BEAMING for you!! thanks for sharing those mantras and what an excellent example u have set for following them.
    i’m REALLY happy that those darn health things seem to be getting better…don’t even worry about the times/paces, take great pleasure in seeing ur breathing and lungs starting to act right!
    running isn’t all of life (tho i try to make it so sometimes…lol) and i’m SO pleased that u’re kicking butt in the writing and getting those assignments done. i’m really proud of u in all areas of life…and amidst all the business, isn’t it even better that u’re completely satisfied and wouldn’t want it any other way! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Cait! You really are an inspiration to me to keep going with so many things, and I can’t wait until the day we can meet in real time and talk about all these things over a run and refuelling session 🙂

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