Nourished Life Gratitude List Week Two

This week’s Gratitude List will sneak in just on time. The past seven days have certainly been nourishing and full of everyday moments to be grateful for. This weekend has been a combination of socialisation and study (exam tomorrow- hence the late post). I promise next week will be full of a few more recipes and reflections of a nourishing life, but for now I present my Nourished Life Gratitude List Week 2.

Monday: I ate my whole Lindt Chocolate Easter bunny without feeling guilty (for context, see this series of posts)

Tuesday: I had a glorious girl’s day out with my Mama who bought me a beautiful (and completely useless) pair of black heels (because every girl needs a pair of those!).

My beautiful Mama

My beautiful Mama

Wednesday: Received much-needed motivation from my Chris to go and workout after work and I ended up having a great workout!

Thursday: Cappuccino Thursday with Jenny resumed and I got an unexpected (and much appreciated) chocolate treat.

I made these for Chris's work and stole one for Jenny!

I made these for Chris’s work and stole one for Jenny!

Friday: An interruption free run after my doctor diagnosed my breathing problems as Exercise-Induced Asthma. 9km in an hour might be slow, but I’m back in the game and on the way to the Gold Coast Half Marathon!

Oh happy legs!

Oh happy legs!

Saturday: My belated birthday party was a huge success (in my humble opinion). Most of my favourite faces were at the table and we had a glorious feast and lots of laughs.

Guess I'm tastier than the cake!

Guess I’m tastier than the cake!

I made Rich Slow Cooked Pork and Red Wine Ragu from one of my favourite bloggers, while my darling friends brought home-made ice cream(s), sangria (I must get Melissa’s secret recipe…) and asparagus and haloumi salad (it’s fried cheese people, come one, it doesn’t get better than that), and my sister made my gorgeous birthday cake: a Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut creation that was perfect with pistachio ice cream!

Grilled Zucchini Roll-ups from the Sprouted Kitchen Cookbook

Grilled Zucchini Roll-ups from the Sprouted Kitchen Cookbook


My Mum, Dad, and Casey transformed our lounge room into the perfect supper space with the help of some fairy lights and sunflowers.

See, pretty...

See, pretty…

Sunday: A sleep in and lazy post-party Sunday brunch and Scrabble session with my darling was the perfect way to energise before starting to cram for my exam tomorrow.

He won. Again.

He won. Again.

This week has been a definite success, and I am finding more positives each and everyday. As I looked around the table on Saturday night I realised that if, in forty years’s time I look around my dining room and see the same faces with a few more wrinkles, I will consider my life a success. This group of friends, this family, that is cobbled together and expands each passing year, that combines so many interests and home towns that stretch from Roma to Vancouver: they are my people, my tribe, and even when weeks or months stretch by and we don’t see each other, the next time our paths cross it is like no time has passed at all. And that, dear reader, is a lot to be grateful for.

Tell me, what were you grateful for this week?

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