Monday Mantra: Opportunity and Change


I come from blue-collar people. A family with a history of hard work and making your own opportunities in life. Sometimes though things have come a little too easily to me: school things, stepping into university, finding my first ‘grown up’ job, travelling. When life takes a different course, when you have to battle some demons inside yourself, or a job is down-sized, or you have to re-evaluate the reality of your life, it can seem as though opportunity is drying up and life looks less rosy.

Last year I felt as though opportunities had dried up; life, it appeared, had ceased moving forward for me, and I must admit I allowed myself to enjoy the stagnation a little. I took long walks in the mornings, watched every episode of all twelve seasons of Murder, She Wrote, read more random articles on the internet than I care to remember, daydreamed a little more than is healthy, and became way too familiar with afternoon naps in the middle of the week. Then I got to the beginning of this year, after a long hot summer of falling in love and spending languid days getting to know another soul, and realised that there are things I want in this life and I need to create opportunities for myself, rather than waiting for them to show up.

Rumi_changing myself

To a certain extent I believe that you can attract to yourself the situations that you desire; however, I also believe that you only attract these situations when you work hard to move your own life forward and create positive relationships with the people around you. If I want a future filled with satisfying work, travel and adventure, a home of my own, and the freedom to explore creative projects, then I have to be prepared to buckle down and do the hard work. Seek the opportunities that lie in every situation. Put myself forward and say YES more. Be the person I want to become – today.

So, I’m rolling up my sleeves: I went back to university this week, I’m seeking graduate programs for when I graduate from my Masters at the end of the year, I’m throwing myself into my internship, and I’m making time for creative projects as well.

I’ve got my overalls on. I’m ready for the hard work of actualising the future that I want. Opportunity is out there, if only I remember to keep my eyes open and my work boots ready.

Tell me, dear reader, how do you move your life forward? Do you believe in creating opportunities for yourself? How about the value of hard work?

2 thoughts on “Monday Mantra: Opportunity and Change

  1. I am so excited for you when I read this. It sounds like you’ve hit a point where it feels as though it’s all coming together. You have so many incredible things to come. What sort of degree do you want to do next?

    • 2013 is going to be a year of moving forward I have decided! I’m looking at graduate employment programs at the moment. Need to find another grown-up job after being at uni for 7 years in total 🙂 I’d like to be able to study italian (for fun) next year though 🙂

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