An Unexpected Breakfast: The Lesson

‘In the morning when the moon is at it’s rest, 
You will find me at the time I love the best 
Watching rainbows play on sunlight; 
Pools of water iced from cold night, in the morning. 
Tis the morning of my life.’

(‘In the morning’ ~ The Bee Gees, 1965)

Morning walk into the sun.

Morning walk into the sun.

Weekday mornings are rushed and hurried creatures for the most part. When I was working full-time it was an early alarm clock call, gym session, drive through traffic, and breakfast at my desk while I started sorting through the first emails of the day. The past year has been less hectic and I have come to treasure the quiet morning hours where I can wake early and potter around the house, go for a walk or run and come back to a leisurely breakfast before starting on the tasks for the day, or heading off to university. I know I am incredibly lucky, but believe me, in some ways I miss the strict schedule of a non-uni-student-full-time-worker.

Our glorious spread. Thanks Casey and Cassie.

Our glorious spread. Thanks Casey and Cassie.

Weekend mornings have always been more of a slow-paced affair. A time where you can take stock of the morning before you, cook a leisurely breakfast for your loved ones, and just let the day come as it may. This week I was lucky to share one of these golden weekend mornings on a Tuesday with two of my closest friends. I took the opportunity presented by a lovely summer morning to go for a walk and listen to the world wake up (and some podcasts from BBC Radio 4). Then I drove over for a ladies-only breakfast on the verandah. We sipped tea, ate divine gluten-free pancakes topped with fresh fruit salad, and caught up on how life had been unfolding in our own separate worlds over the past few weeks. By mid-morning we were all on our way again, but the rare opportunity for a lazy start and a soul-recharging visit with friends had me carrying a smile and a ray of morning sun in my heart all day long.

My beautiful breakfast.

My beautiful breakfast.

Tuesday morning’s lesson was this: take the moment and say yes. Take the unexpected breakfasts, the journeys, the hand that is offered to you. Say yes. Yes to pancakes eaten off fine china on a weekday morning. Yes to the spur-of-the-moment movie date night with your boyfriend. Yes to the ice cream parlour visit at 9:30pm on a Sunday (it really does fortify the soul for a Monday morning run). Yes to the golden moments in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings of life. Sprinkle a little special into every day.

Tell me, dear readers, what is your favourite morning ritual? Do you have something special on a weekday morning that makes them more bearable, or a favourite Sunday treat?

4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Breakfast: The Lesson

  1. Oh how I love breakfast! I have this wonderful picture in my mind of loving friends sharing their favourite breakfast. Thanks for the sunshine!

    I like my breakfast solo. When I get home from my workout, I put my oats, eggs and bananas is the blender, and let it sit wile I have a shower. I cook it with cinnamon in a little coconut oil, and sitting down, freshly showered, savouring every bite really makes my morning.

    Happy Thursday 😀

  2. That looked so beautiful! Ohhh a breakfast with girls sounds amazing and you all have had such exciting lives over the summer to catch up on!!!

    I love breakfast too. Partly because I always wake up hungry but also because it is the only meal we are guaranteed to have together each day! A picnic breakfast on the weekend is my favourite 🙂

    • My Mum has always tried for us to have at least one meal together per day, whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Just some time where we can all catch up and take a moment where we all appreciate each other’s company. It’s so wonderful that you are making that time with your family every day 🙂

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