Over Mountains and Deep Blue Sea

In the hours I call night I sit and watch the sun sink behind the mountains and the lights in the old stone houses blink into life. Perched above the city, its noise filling the streets below, I warm myself with tea and let the evening breeze run through my room.

Walking with Mum through the city

Walking with Mum through the city

Over the mountains and over the sea we have travelled today. To the heart of this beautiful city; a city enfolded between the loving arms of the ocean and the hills. No sooner had we departed from the airport than I was already pondering when next I could return. Something about here calls to me, something about this place catches me.

Dinner by the wharf

Dinner by the wharf

We comforted ourselves in this new place by teaching our feet which paths to tread. We oriented our hearts with the anchor of the horizon disappearing into the sea. We nourished ourselves with local bounty, and delighted our senses with the sweetest of treats.


I wouldn’t mind one of these apartments.

Now, now, to sleep. Now, as the sun fades I lay my head down and dream of the wonders tomorrow will bring.

Calm, clear waters.

Calm, clear waters.

We are safely ensconced in our hotel watching Poirot and eating coconut ice. Mama had fish and chips for dinner and I dined on Greek salad. We were well fed at Mures Lower Deck. I am already falling in love with Hobart and I can’t wait to discover more of its delights tomorrow. 

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