This is the New Year, and a new beginning

Hello, is this thing on?


Oh, there you are!

Hello everyone (sheepish grin and ducking of head implied)…I’m back in the digital world and ready for the new year. I hope you all had a safe and merry Christmas, and hopeful, champagne-filled new year celebrations.

2012 was a restful year for this lady, and as the sun bid farewell to the 2012 summer sky I took a deep breath and realised that I am ready for a vibrant, busy, hectically-scheduled 2013: bring on the adventures, the multi-tasking and the candle-burning.

For me New Year’s Eve was spent in the company of family and friends who I consider my family enjoying food and wine and conversation. By midnight I was back home and when the fireworks began I was wrapped in the arms of a new adventure. A new beginning. My someone special.

My life is even more nourished by his presence.

Beach just after dawn

Mooloolaba, Queensland

Now that the scotch glasses, chocolate wrappers, and Scrabble board have been cleared away and the house has had a new year clean to chase out the dust of the old year, I can sit back and ponder my goals for the next twelve months. 2013 is an open book. Blank pages of days spread out before me. This year I vow to pick up the pen, to dash out lines on every page, to scribble and doodle in the margins, write longhand letters and post-it note lists, to draw out every word that hides and lurks and tumbles about in my mind and use them to colour my life.

I have rested enough. I am recharged, and ready to come out of hibernation.

Over a cup of green tea this evening I plotted out some of the big things that I would like to achieve in 2013: ways to nourish my mind, body, and soul over the next year.

 Thoroughly nourished mind:

  • Finish my Masters in Writing, Editing, and Publishing
  • Write, and write, and write, and write!! (followed by edit, edit, edit, edit, and submit, submit, submit)

 Thoroughly nourished body:

  • Run three half marathons
    • January 13th – Cadbury Half Marathon (it’s getting so close!)
    • July – Gold Coast Half Marathon (hopefully with some of my favourite Aussie blogger ladies)
    • The third is yet to be decided, but perhaps Melbourne?
  • Run a race on my birthday: the Twilight 10km is actually on my birthday this year! What a great way to usher in 26!
  • Make a concerted effort to eat more iron-rich vegetarian foods (more on this soon)

Thoroughly nourished soul:

  • Find some way to reach out in my community
  • Schedule regular dates and dinner parties with my friends and family
  • Bring delicious, diverse food to the table and share the recipes with you, dear readers
Just after dawn

Just after dawn

These are the larger picture goals that I would like to achieve this year, and there are so many other little bits and pieces I am longing to achieve and share with you all. I feel as though 2012 was a year for me to regain myself after a whirlwind 2011 that tore at the fibres of my being and forced me to grow rather quickly. 2012 was a year to celebrate the people around me, to share in their joy and special days. 2012 was a year of learning: academic and personal. 2012 was a year to make new friends too (hello my special lovelies – Kate, Cait, Jenelle, and Julia, among others). 2012 was the year that I reminded myself, just like Dorothy, that there really is no place like home.

Here is to 2013, to new adventures, to friends and family, new beginnings, distant roads, and hearts that will always guide us home.

So, dear reader, what new beginnings are you looking forward to in 2013?

3 thoughts on “This is the New Year, and a new beginning

  1. I’m not going to beat around the bush… this someone special!?!?!?!?! Do tell…

    Ok in case it is early days I wont nag but I can’t wait to hear all about this person that is making Amy so happy. Your post oozes with contentment! :=)

    Wow – you have an awesome 2013 ahead and how quickly did Cadbury come around?!? Enjoy your pre-race week. You have done the hard yards and now you can sit back and TRUST in your training. GOOD LUCK girl. Can NOT wait to read all about.

    All the best for 2013. You are truly wonderful and INSPIRING! I am so grateful to have met you in 2012 and can’t wait to share our running (and other) life stories in 2013! xxxx

  2. I’m so glad you have Mr Special right now :-D. What a lucky guy. Keep writing – we’ll keep loving you. I am going to be there on the Gold Coast – the wheels re already in motion.

    So much love.

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