The Scariest Place to Stand

I think that the scariest place to stand is at the starting line; whether we are at the beginning of a new job, relationship, race, university degree, or whatever the challenge ahead happens to be, the start is always the most frightening place. One of the reasons I find myself scared at the start of things is that I expect myself to know how to do everything perfectly from the get go. I expect myself to know where I want to go, what I want out of this venture, and exactly how to reach the goal.

Goal-setting and problem-solving prior to embarking on an endeavour is a wonderful idea, but often we cannot anticipate every outcome, or learning experience or opportunity that we may encounter along the way.

However, if we fail to start anything until we think we can execute a goal perfectly, or have figured out every barrier or mishap, then we will either never start, or start to late to achieve anything worthwhile.


I think that while planning is useful, jumping in and getting our hands dirty with real work towards your goals is just as important.

So many times my patients will think they have to have a perfect plan and structure in place before they start making any moves towards losing weight and living a healthier life, but the perfect plan, structure, and moment does not exist. All we have is right now: to make a change, to live like we mean it, and to chase after our better life.

We need to remember that perspiration often precedes inspiration, dedication, and motivation. Sometimes it takes hands-on work to gain a foot-hold to inspire us to keep going or fully dedicate our energy towards achieving our goals.


So when it gets scary, take a deep breath and forget the fear. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be willing to put that first foot forward.

Just start, the rest will follow in good time.

Dear reader, do you get scared at the start? How do you make yourself take the first step?

4 thoughts on “The Scariest Place to Stand

  1. “Perspiration often precedes inspiration” – How true is that!?! I love that. How often do I have to start running to feel like going for a run!?!?! I totally love it!!!

    Usually I am very quick to jump in and get going with something and then work the details out along the way. But in some areas of my life and Running is definitely one I plan, plan some more and then plan again.

    I know the start line feeling though when you just can’t make that final step and you can look at a spreadsheet, the numbers or analyze it as much as you like but you just can’t decided to go ahead or not. My secret for these situations is to envisage the WORST possible outcome (complete and utter end of world stuff) and if I am willing to live with that then no more analysing – get doing!

    Like you so perfectly said we can’t plan for everything and as life plays out it throws twists and turns that we never could have imagined. Somehow for me, by having my head around the worst case (which never actually seems that bad when you start thinking about it) makes all the other possibilities seem insignificant.

    Great post and thanks for the new quote that I will marry into my favourite hashtag:

    #JFDI, perspiration often precedes motivation so get sweating!

  2. But I want to know all the outcomes. Please, please let me know all the outcomes. I have all the plans, it’s all going to be perfect…wait, is this going to land me in your office?

  3. I always love your writing. You are one of the best blogger’s out there with your thought provoking posts. Yes, the beginning is always scary. I’m more of a wing-it sorta gal than a planner, so I think that helps! xo

  4. I just sort of jump in and hope for the best. I’ll procrastinate for a bit with some things, but then I’ll get sick of being all in my head about it and just do it. It’s good to have a plan but I think the best way is to prepare for those plans not to work out always.

    Probably not the best way but it works for me!

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