A Many Splendored Thing

Love really is a many splendored thing.

Sunday dawned clear and bright: the perfect day for a wedding, and what a perfect wedding it was.

Casey and Matt put such thought into each little detail for the day to create a wedding that was stamped all over with their personalities, and the nature of their love for each other.

Casey resembled an art deco sculpture in her long sweeping gown; only once in my life have a seen a bride as beautiful. I was honoured to serve as her bridesmaid and see the smile spread over her face when she saw Matty waiting for her at the end of the aisle. I could see her hands flutter a little with excitement and nerves, but as soon as Matt laced his fingers through hers a sense of calm came across her face.


Casey and Matt.

I saw time unravel, a million moments of serendipity and hard work flashed before my eyes, the look between those two was the most precious substance in the purest form imaginable: love.

photo (18)

Casey with me, Mama, Dad, and Jess.

After Matt and Casey committed their lives to one another at the church it was time for the celebration to begin!

photo (21)

Casey’s beautiful mum Fiona prepared a feast for guests to enjoy post-ceremony and pre-reception. The gorgeous Melissa made her famous sangria, I made some little scones, and Casey had made cookie pops for guests to eat on their way in the door. Cassie crafted Casey’s gorgeous bouquet (along with all the bridesmaid’s bouquets – not bad for a future doctor, and novice florist!) and Jess was on make-up duty. I think Cass put it best when she said that she had never been to a wedding that she felt more invested in, more a part of.

A piece of each of our heart’s was there on Sunday, and it belonged to the splendid couple we were celebrating.

Cass made these beautiful bouquets

Cass made these beautiful bouquets

The reception took place at Kingsleys Steak and Crabhouse. I could not think of a more perfect venue, or a more idyllic summer night. The food was amazing (they dealt with my special requirements in a most delicious fashion), the wine flowed, the staff were incredibly friendly and attentive (special thanks to Liam and Broughton), and the view was stunning.

The band was comprised of Casey’s friends from medical school and they were amazing. The music ebbed and flowed directing the mood as the night progressed.

Casey and Matt made heartfelt speeches to one another, and I cried the whole way through my speech even though I promised myself I wouldn’t.


Dancing, more wine, and then: time for dessert! Rather than the restaurant providing dessert Casey and Matt opted to create a dessert buffet, which was perfect because every person in that room loves, and understands, the power of food. As Casey’s cookie pops stated: ‘There is no love sincerer than the love of food.’ The table was resplendent with two truffle trees featuring four different types of truffles (made by Casey and Cass, assembled by Melissa and Jess), salted caramel ice cream, chocolate hazelnut ice cream, meringues with passionfruit cream (made by my Mama), a cheese tower (oh yes, a whole tower) with Fiona’s handmade crackers, two croquembouche towers handmade by Fiona, and buttermilk panna cotta with raspberry jelly.

Melissa, Taso, and Cassie

Melissa, Taso, and Cassie

The cake was an ambrosial creation by Fiona: one layer of lemon syrup cake with white chocolate buttercream, one layer of pistachio cake, topped by a layer of red velvet with white chocolate buttercream.


The sweetest Casey also asked her mum to create a cake especially for me. Thank you so much ladies, from the bottom of my chocolate cake and white chocolate buttercream coated heart.


The love in the room on Sunday night was palpable. It shone from the hearts of all assembled as brightly as the moon hanging over the river, and it whispered glad tidings and best wishes for Casey and Matt’s life together as gently as the wind caressed the tops of the waves in the harbour.

Casey and Matt

From our hearts, to yours, Casey and Matt: long lives filled with love, adventure, and delicious things to eat.

Your love is a many splendored thing.


(P.S. Some of these photos are mine, and some belong to other guests. If you don’t want your photo published here please let me know and I shall remove it. I was too busy handling a bouquet, sipping sangria, and smiling for photos to take too many of my own!)

8 thoughts on “A Many Splendored Thing

    • Thanks Cait. I wish I could have sent you some of the desserts, they were so delicious and definitely something a discerning arty runner chick would have enjoyed 🙂

  1. Cait nailed it – STUNNING! You all look sooooo beautiful. Casey’s dress is gorgeous and well that croquembouche is the BEST I have ever seen. It sounds like an amazing day. So happy for the Casey and Matt. Thank you for sharing…. I love a good wedding.

    PS I think crying in speeches is just beautiful… its so heartfelt.

    • Thanks Jenelle! It was a lovely day indeed. I could gladly repeat the experience every couple of weekends 🙂 I love Casey and Matt so much so I was glad their day turned out so beautifully.

  2. Wow. You beautiful bridesmaid! And I am so in love with Casey, as you know watch out Matt!). I love that you cried through the speech as well. ANd now I want my friends to hurry up so I can go to wedding!

    • Thanks Kate 🙂 It was such a lovely day, I am hoping that one day I will actually make it through a wedding without crying, but this girl can be overly emotional at the best of times, so I don’t see that happening in the near future…

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