Nourished Soul: A Night Under the Stars

I shaded my eyes as I walked out the door this afternoon and into the sunlight of the beginning of my summer holidays. There was a freedom-fuelled swagger to my step after I turned in my last large paper at university for this year, and I celebrated in the best way I know how: a visit to the bookstore.

Lest you think that I have been living like an underground mammal for the last couple of days and neglecting to nourish my soul, never fear, I did make it out for a wonderful night under the stars with my cousin Grace, and my sister Jess. A cool summer Saturday evening provided the perfect setting for our adventure to the Ben & Jerry’s Open Air Cinema that is currently set up in Southbank (they have several other locations around Australia so check here).

After a lovely dinner at The Ship Inn where we entertained each other with girly gossip and I indulged in a glorious glass of Gewürztraminer  and a roasted pumpkin, feta, and pine nut salad, we made our way to pick up deck chairs and claim our space on the lawn.

The city was lit up behind the screen, and was a gorgeous backdrop while we lay back and watched Charlize Theron torturedly hunt down Kristen Stewart in ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’.

Night breezes blew across the river, and I felt somewhere deep inside me, that it was one of those nights where everything is just right. No matter what demands the next day would place on each of us; being there with each other, in that moment, my soul was settled.

Full, happy, healthy. Ready for summer and finding as much life in every day as I can.

Tell me, dear reader, have you ever been to the outdoor cinema? When did you last feel like your soul was being nourished?

4 thoughts on “Nourished Soul: A Night Under the Stars

  1. I LOVE outdoor cinemas but I haven’t been in years. Actually going to the movies full stop seems to be all a bit too hard these days. Maybe an outdoor cinema session needs to go on my summer to do list?!?

    My soul was being truly nourished sitting on the lawn at the swimming pool the other day enjoying the sunshine with the little guy – BLISS!

    PS I have finally learnt to not read your blog on an empty stomach!!!! Your food pics are always so good :=)

  2. I can’t believe I missed this post! I haven’t been to an outdoor cinema, and I would love to. I think the last time I felt truly nourished was coming home with Rake the other night. We’d been out, and to just have us in the car, in our city, going home to our house, to spend time together stress free…it was perfect.

    • That sounds like a perfect evening! Sometimes you just need the time, and space, with someone you love to let your soul out. Just to breath. Especially after this marathon year you have had 🙂

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