Friday Gratitude

My dearest friends, I am currently at the bottom of a paper-lined well scrabbling to complete my final assessment pieces for this year. Of course the Thoroughly Nourished Life kitchen kicks into over drive when I am in a stress quagmire so there has been plenty of eating going on to keep me (mostly healthily) fuelled on these final academic pursuits for 2012. I look forward to sharing some of these culinary adventures with you, and many more over the long summer days, but for now I am taking a few moments over breakfast to share with you some of the things I am most grateful for at the moment.

So, yeah, not a model. Also, it was 7am.

  • A huge thanks to my dear friend Cait the artiest runner chick I know and one of the most motivating bloggers out here in the web world. I won a Road ID during her September Miles Madness competition. Now Mum, Dad, and Jess don’t have to worry so much when I head out on a solo run. A thank you to Road ID as well for sponsoring September Miles Madness, and for my gorgeous new arm bling!
  • Also, thanks to Cait I now have my own ‘Run Your Fortune’ shirt. I had to have one of these as soon as I saw them on Cait’s blog. I truly believe, as Cait writes, that we have to ‘dare to dream our fortune and run for it.’ I promise a longer post on these wonderfully motivating shirts very soon, where I will also share what fortune I will emblazon across my shirt. (P.S. You should go and check out her wonderful blog.)

My mantras? ‘No day but today’, and, ‘Built for life’.

  • Perfect summer tomatoes right at the beginning of summer are one of the biggest blessings of living in the sub-tropics. I was the very lucky recipient of some gorgeous heirloom tomatoes. As soon as I saw these beauties I knew they were bound for the perfect study supper – roasted tomato soup. My garden has also been producing a gorgeous crop of cherry tomatoes. I like to sneak out in the middle of the day and pluck a few off for a little sun-soaked snack – they really are like eating sunshine.
  • When I am in need of distraction (like I ever really need any help in this area) I have been reading Molly Wizenberg’s gorgeous ‘A homemade life: stories from my kitchen table‘ and leafing through the inspiring Candice Kumai’s ‘Pretty delicious‘ and ‘Cook yourself sexy‘.
  • I have been grateful that I have been able to balance out much of my sitting and staring at the computer screen, and a few peanut butter and cracker feasts, with some wonderful runs. I am currently in the eleventh week before my next half marathon so things are getting serious. Thanks to my inspiring runner buddies: Kate, Cait, Jenelle, and Julia.
  • The simplest things make me grateful when I am studying: my little sister cutting up oranges for dessert for me every night, my Mum putting the kettle on in the mornings, my Dad cheering me on when I am finishing up a run, or Molly’s constant presence by my side whether I am on the computer or the treadmill.
  • Extremely grateful for a study-reprieve visit from my darling Casey. Only a fortnight until our weekend getaway!

From my own vegetable patch!

Well, I am off to stop procrastinating (at least for the next hour) and get some of my assignment written. I promise great tables of summer feast worthy food coming your way soon, as well as the future fortune I am running for, and the start of achieving my summer goal list.

Kitten and pumpkin (don’t ask)

Tell me, dearest ones, what are you grateful for at the moment? Do you have a mantra that keeps you going?

5 thoughts on “Friday Gratitude

  1. i am honestly humbled, my dear! thank u SO much for all of ur kind words and i can’t tell u how BEAUTIFUL my shirt looks on YOU!! in getting to know you through blog-stalking, honestly, u are one of the most fitting people for the ‘dare to dream your fortune and run for it’ motto. i mean that genuinely, and in ALL areas of life. i’m so proud of the amazing woman you have come to be and continue to teach me and sooo many others to be, in your writing and personal example. i can’t tell you how many hugs are going ur way, girl!
    PS- YAY, i’m sooo stoked the Road ID got to u now and awesome motto’s! 🙂

    • It’s mutual blog stalker-ship so I think that’s okay!
      I must say, much of my blogging/running/personal journey has been inspired by yourself 🙂

  2. I love the support you see to have from your family. I hope I get to met them all one day :-).

    Yay on getting your shirt! I ordered one today – super excited. AND good luck with the assessments. I’m in my pile of crazy as well. Thinking of you!

    • Well, if you come up for the Gold Coast half next year my family will be unavoidable, believe me! Kind of enjoying writing my assessment, and kind of wishing it was over already. At least we are all together in this pile of crazy 🙂

  3. Awww you are the cutest! Love the tee too. I finally ordered one too but I am going to have to wrap it for under the tree 😦

    Good luck with the final assessment! Wahoo – bring on Summer break!!!!

    Thanks for the shout out too. I love my online running inspiration team. You girls totally rock my world and I am so glad to talk running with such fab people 🙂 xx

    We are on the count down with you for Cadbury. You are already clocking great Ks for 11 weeks out!!!!!

    Completely jealous of your tomatoes!!! I can’t wait to one day grow some. I think Tomatoes and Apricots are only ever tasty from your own yard.
    Call me a tomato and apricot Snob!

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