Nourished Summer Days

When Jessica and I were wandering along on a hot summer morning recently it dawned on me that we are now quickly approaching the official beginning of summer. Someone must have forgotten to tell the weather that we are still in spring though, because our temperatures are already flirting with summer heat. Being a student with a part time position in a research centre I will have excess time on my hands when summer comes around. Being me, vast quantities of time that lack direction play havoc with my mental health. I need goals. I need a little bit of direction, or at least a purpose in my wandering. I need to feel that I have worked to nourish every part of myself.

I think Margaret Thatcher put it best:

“Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It’s not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it’s a day you’ve had everything to do and you’ve done it”.

Next year when I look back at this coming summer I want to feel that those warm long days meant something, that I built something under the sunshine and stars, and have memories that satisfy my summer longings when winter rolls around again.

So, I made a list:

  • Have a weekend away at the beach before (one of) my best friend’s wedding
  • Do the Cape Byron Lighthouse walk
  • Go to the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art
  • Make a blueberry pie
  • Go to a session of the open air cinema
  • Spend a day as a tourist in my own city
  • Preserve some of the summer harvest for next winter: jam? peaches? tomato sauce?
  • Go for a run in the rain
  • Try my hand at making ice cream
  • Explore some exciting writing opportunities…

For my southern hemisphere friends, what are your plans for summer this year? Any suggestions for me? And, my northern hemisphere friends, how will you be making the most of your winter days?

4 thoughts on “Nourished Summer Days

  1. Sounds like you have got all the good stuff covered! I love running in the rain. I especially love EATING ice cream so if you find yourself with too much on your hands I can help you out there!

    This summer I am looking forward to hitting the pool with the little guy. We have a beautiful outdoor pool not far and I can’t wait to get him in the water. Apart from that I just want to make the most of the longer days… I love the long days!!! Running wise I can’t stand the heat. Anything over 20 degrees and I start to fall apart. But I am going to work on that this summer and try and find my groove as a summer runner.

    PS If I could be a tourist for a day in any city in Australia it would totally be Brisbane. I love Brisbane!!!!

  2. Lovely, Amy. It’s so good to see that you’re in tune with what you need to do to optimise your wellbing over the months to come.

  3. wonderful quote and i can’t wait to watch u make the most out of each summer day! can i suggest that to check that run in the rain off u just hop on up and visit me, i’d get u taken care of straight away! like…uh…now?? 😉 haha.

    i really like that u’re going to go to the art museums too! i’m new to the Seattle area to visit so i’m going to swipe ur goal and make mine to check out some more local art exhibits. 🙂

  4. Amazing! And Maggie has it spot on – though sometimes I feel I live that way so much I forget to take stock of the things that have happened, and to really appreciate them (and this s why you’re good for me :-)).

    I am so excited about your summer plans, and very much looking forward to reading about how they turn out. Naturally you should add coming to Sydney 😛

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