7 ‘Heal thyself’ tips for a spring cold

The first draft of this post was basically a whinge about not being able to train this week because of the flu. Um, reality check on a page much? So I highlighted and hit delete when I realised that it really isn’t healthy to be that self-indulgent about a little cold. Yep, major ‘first world problemitis’ over here. Especially after writing my affirmation to carpe diem.

So, I highlighted, hit delete, and started with a blank page. I decided that a positively charged list of how I plan to thoroughly nourish myself through this temporary immune system failure so that I can get back on (the) track as fast as possible.

Tip Number 1: No guilt!

I am absolutely fabulous at talking myself into feeling guilty when I am sick and can’t stick to a training schedule. This time I have decided that I will support my body rather than beat myself up. There is no point in feeling guilty, and I am a firm believer that our thoughts influence our actions and in turn our health so I am taking guilt off the table and just focusing on getting better, faster.

Tip Number 2: Rest

This one goes hand in hand with the first tip. This morning I slept in until 8am. I do not sleep in until 8am – ever. I love the mornings, the quiet before other people begin to wake. The first jump on the morning. Making the most of every hour between rising and retiring. However, rest is one of the most important ways to nourish a body that is fighting off germs. So no guilt about some extra shut-eye.

Tip Number 3: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Coughing, spluttering, sneezing, and feverish sweating all deplete our bodies of water. So guzzle down H2O and brew yourself some green tea to keep yourself nourished with fluids while you are sick. This also helps to keep you feeling a little less muzzy-headed as well.

Tip Number 4: Healing foods

I eat a lot of vegetables already. In fact, I think 50% of the produce that comes into this house ends up on my dinner plate. I am also one of those people who doesn’t stop eating when she feels sick, if anything, I feel more like eating vegetables and Vitamin-C packed foods and less like eating sugary snack foods. Correct nutrition can help to boost your immune system, and if you keep eating well despite feeling un-well you will avoid that nasty post-sickness inappropriate comfort food hangover. Choose some seasonally- appropriate comfort food instead, such as:

Spicy chilli chickpea patties – recipe coming!

Tip Number 5: Distraction

Cabin fever. One of the worst side effects of flu-time. I don’t want to go out in public, be Typhoid Mary spreading my germs around, and I don’t really want to be trapped inside all the time. The key is to nourish my mind and soul to distract myself. From catching up on my Google reader to reading some of my favourite newsy-type websites (The Hoopla, Books from The Daily Beast, Arts and Letters Daily, among others), checking out the great new Australian ‘Women’s Fitness’ magazine or indulging in the September issues of both Elle and Vogue USA. Keeping my mind well-occupied is a step on the road to recovery.

Tip Number 6: Dis-infection

A healthy level of bacteria is okay, but when I am sick and recovering I turn into Sheldon the germaphobe. I wash my sheets, air out my room, change my toothbrush, put my pillows and quilt out on the washing line under the sun for a day, and spray everything that isn’t moving with Glen20 (I jest, I jest…but seriously, watch out Molly…).

Tip Number 7: Sweat

Gentle sweating. Not like my Jillian Michaels workout, 7km run, and 3km dog speed walk the other day. Not a good idea. Gentle walks and healing yoga? Good idea. Just listen to your body and take it slowly. Next week I can start running again. Coupled with my no guilt promise I just remind myself that my next race is 94 days away – not crisis mode yet Amy.

In other news? Good luck and swift feet to my new friend Kate who is running her first marathon this Sunday! Her latest post on becoming a better long distance runner is fantastic – check it out here. Also, fusing two of my passions, fashion and fitness, I ordered a ‘Run Your Fortune‘ shirt from the eternally-talented Cait Chock. I will share my fortune as soon as my shirt arrives!

So, dear readers, what are your ‘heal thyself’ tips? Anyone else who rides the guilt train?

5 thoughts on “7 ‘Heal thyself’ tips for a spring cold

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick! Not good at all :-(. But sounds like you’ve got the TLC sorted! Wish I’d read this one before pretending like I wasn’t horribly sick a couple of weeks ago. Oh well. You can be my better, wiser conscience in future.

    94 days until Cadbury? So exciting! And thank you so much for the shout out, that’s really lovely.

    Oh – and jealous that you’re getting a run your fortune top – planning to get all over that asap.

  2. PROPS for kicking guilt from ur life!! there is no room for it! and i really hope that resting is making u feel better, i HATE being sick with a burning passion. heal up fast girl! 😦

    and u are just WAY too cute, i’m sooooo happy u’re getting a shirt, and it’s enroute girl! i can’t wait to see u in it and hear ur fortune…cuz u’re gonna ROCK it! πŸ™‚ XOXO

  3. He he. You and me must keep Glen20 in business!! I also like nothing more than getting into a bed when the sheets have been in the sun all day. I swear sunshine dried sheets have a special smell. Oh yeah by the way my name is Jenelle and I’m a bit of a weirdo as you may have gathered πŸ˜‰

    Is Cadbury Hilly? What is the weather like there in Jan?

    Great advice. Hope you feel better soon and I am hanging for spicy chickpea patties recipe….mmmmm!!

    • Hi Jenelle and welcome to TNL! I am a weirdo too so happy to know there are more of us out here in blogging world πŸ™‚
      Not sure of the weather but the course is apparently flatter than it was previously, yeah I’m basically going in blind – oh well….
      Chickpea patties coming up on Tuesday πŸ™‚

  4. sorry to hear you are sick Amy – I didn’t run this morning as I have a sore throat and sniffle – I feel so frustrated! Great tips though and those patties look yum!
    Feel better soon πŸ™‚

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