Patience is a virtue, and its rewards are sweet

Patience. Sometimes, I am a well-rehearsed practitioner. Other times, I just want to bolt out the gate before the starting gun has fired. Particularly in times when I see others moving ahead with their lives and my life seems to be stagnant. I try to remind myself that the universe will bring about change when I can handle it, and that I need to just wait for my time to come. For when things happen in my life, they all tend to happen at once. An avalanche-like shift. My world turns on itself, and when it rights a new reality has come into being.

This past year has been a study in patience. I have had to draw from a reservoir of self-control and allow the world to work its mysterious magic while I aim to be present so that I am aware of when opportunity presents itself.

Recently some things have started to fall into place, and I have been reminded that I need to count my blessings everyday, appreciate the little things, and focus on all the positive and radiant people I have in my life.

So, I am taking this Friday to share a little grateful list – things that have made me smile:

  • The possibility of an internship early next year – more details when everything is confirmed
  • Twitter conversations with Cait and Kate! What a great community I belong to here on the interwebs. I am also grateful to Cait and Ashley for running an awesome challenge in September. It certainly kept me motivated, and I won an awesome Road ID! Thank you Cait and Ashley!
  • My copy of ‘What Katie Ate ~ Recipes and other bits and bobs’ arrived at my local bookstore! Looking forward to reading this over the weekend.
  • I am going to a Canadian Thanksgiving Down Under with some Canadian friends this weekend. I think I’ll be baking something maple-inspired to take along…
  • My darling “adopted little sister” is in the Royal Australian Navy and her ship is in town this weekend. I haven’t seen her for months so I am looking forward to catching up and going on a tour! Grateful that no matter how far we all roam we can still meet somewhere.
  • Grateful for some wonderful spring weather that has enticed treadmill-addicted me into running outside twice this week. This afternoon I was grateful for the breeze that carried the scent of afternoon bushfire and cooled my brow on the way home. I have also got some wonderful new country tunes to keep me going! I love me some country during a long run, or while I’m winding down on a summer afternoon.
  • Oh, and banana crumb cake. Super grateful for that! I’ll share the recipe tomorrow my dears.

So, dear readers, what are you grateful for this week?

2 thoughts on “Patience is a virtue, and its rewards are sweet

  1. What great thoughts and what a great idea for a Friday post. It is definately something we need in our lives, to be thankful, especially for the little things, for those keep us going. Among the many things I am greatful for, one is following your post. It is inspiring and interesting. Thank you for sharing yourself. Have a great day.

  2. Hand over that banana crumb cake recipe!

    And chatting to you has been one of the highlights of my week. I am so, so glad to have found you on the web, I have this weird sensation that I’ve known you forever.

    Your writing is beautiful. Please keep writing, always, your style is just so … I can’t think of the right adjective. It feels like rolling waves.

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