All about books…

For some women it is diamonds; or expensive designer clothes; a tall, dark, and handsome stranger; or, chocolates and roses every other Friday. But the one thing guaranteed to make me weak in the knees every, single, time is a book. The merest mention of a visit to a bookshop is sure to excite in me such emotions as: sheer, unadulterated joy; a wistful, nostalgic look as I remember past visits as some women remember lovers; frantic list-making to ensure that I don’t miss any of the newly discovered books and authors that I just need to investigate; or, desperate attempts to retrieve missing change from between the cushions of the couch so that I can afford such beauties.

In fact there are only a few other things that bring me as much happiness as anything book-related: my family and friends (of course), running, chocolate, plane travel (oh yes, I am a weird one, I know), and my darling dog Molly.

So today I am starting a new monthly section where I will share a few of my recent book-related obsessions for those of you who share my bibliophilic tendencies.

The book-ish list:

  • I am an avid reader of The Guardian online, especially their book section, and I adore listening to the The Guardian Books podcast when I am out for a walk or a run.
  • In fact, I first stumbled across the enchanting The Bookshop Band while listening to one of The Guardian’s podcasts. This band of bibliophiles and musically-gifted people compose songs inspired by books that are chosen by the staff of Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights. The songs are played at events that take place at the bookshop. You can listen to their tracks online. Great music to inspire some writing, or book-devouring!
  • Another great website for keeping up with book-ly discussions is the ‘Books’ page of The Daily Beast. The ‘Women in the World’ section is also worth checking out.
  • For some visual stimulation check out bookporndaily, oh yeah…

Currently on my night stand?

And I’ve just finished reading ‘Past the shallows‘ by Favel Parrett. A wild, emotional tale from an emerging Australian author. Set in Tasmania, this is a haunting tale of family secrets, brotherhood, and the power of water.

My dear readers, what are your latest book-ish finds? What was the last thing you couldn’t put down (or made you hungry in the middle of the night…)?

6 thoughts on “All about books…

  1. I loved City of thieves by David Benioff. A young man living in Florida recounts his grandfathers life as a pow/soldier in the siege of Leningrad in ’44’. Its a pretty amazing read .

  2. ohhhh! we definitely share this love! i could sit in a book store, library or just any place with books upon books for hours!! i love it! i have been reading running books lately but am missing out on the feelings you get from just being lost in a great story. a novel. the one that keeps you thinking hours on end even after you turn the last page! i need to get on one of those soon!

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