Silence, and so much to say

My dearest readers,

Have you ever had so much to say that words simply escape you?

So many thoughts, ideas, and plans chasing each other around, searching to be expressed, that you cannot utter (or write) a word?

I am going to be honest with you all. At the moment this is exactly how I feel. It isn’t so much that I have writer’s block; rather, I have quality/clarity of writing block. I have plans for this blog, places I would like it to go, a message and service that I would like to disseminate through the posts here. At present I am struggling with how to express this in a consistent way. I want to use this space to inspire, discuss, and educate about, all that it takes to live a thoroughly nourished life. My goal is to find some structure in the way content is provided, and the topics I post about regularly. I would also love to share more recipes with you all. I seem to be doing a lot of cooking but not as much capturing and expressing of the meals on my table.

Although I might be struggling with what I write and share, I know one thing for sure.

I am grateful for everyone who comes to visit, and I hope that you will bear with me during this journey to a more uniform thoroughly nourished life.

Thank you friends, and I promise that I will get my thoughts in order soon.

xx Amy.

2 thoughts on “Silence, and so much to say

  1. oh Amy! I will continue to stick with you always! every post you share is full of such inspiration and thought. I love that they always make me think and drift off into moments of wonder within my own life! i appreciate your honesty and genuineness always:) can’t wait to see the direction you take! im sure it will be perfect and meaningful! you are wonderful friend! enjoy your day:)

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