Friday is for dreaming

The sunny blue winter sky could be any sunny sky I have had the fortune to see during my lifetime.

Today the clear cornflower dome is whisking me back to memories of spring in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Days spent wandering two of my favourite cities; taking photos of flowers, buildings, food, the endless horizon; new adventures to be found around every corner; and, the tingly-toes feeling of never knowing quite what is coming next.

Although it will be a while before my next long-distance holiday, I am already longing for the hills and sharp bay breezes of San Francisco and the craggy mountains and sage grass scents to be found on the city limits of Los Angeles.

This weekend, while I indulge in some California dreaming, I have a lot to look forward to under these gorgeous blue Brisbane skies.

I am planning on:

  • Some long walks with my darling sister, deep talks, high pitched laughter, and two pairs of sneakers
  • Baking bread with same sister (thinking of this recipe for the gluten-able, and this one for moi)
  • One (or two…) cups of my favourite coffee at the Saturday Farmer’s Market
  • Picking up the new Donna Hay magazine (it’s the annual children’s issue)
  • Finally making it to a hot yoga class (still haven’t used my seven day pass…oops!)

All of the photos above were taken during my spring visit to The Huntington Library last year. If you are ever close to Pasadena I truly recommend a visit, and remember to book in for a high tea.

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