On the shelf: on a night like this

Tonight, the world is closing in on itself. Outside my window the view is obscured by rain; night is a damp, cold shroud over our house. No starlight can break through the cover of cloud. We are huddled in our little house, under blankets with our hands wrapped around mugs of tea. A little craving satisfied by a few chocolates, some strawberries from the local farm, and a few crackers with creamy dollops of avocado.

Here in this closed in world we are together, but alone. We all retreat to our corners to occupy our minds and hands with that which soothes our soul. Mum watches TV and loses herself in solving crimes. Dad drafts, and plans, and makes bits and pieces come back to life. The newlyweds do university work, or plan for their future.

Me? I read. Sometimes books, sometimes magazines, sometimes the beautifully crafted words of those who participate in this small, vast world of blogging.

On a night like this, I am losing myself in the words and images of these talented and insightful folks:

  • Dreaming of my next grand adventure in the USA. I long to criss-cross the landscape, revel in the view outside my window, and be privy to small towns that are missed in guidebooks. I was thinking of driving, but this article in Audobon Magazine makes me think a train journey would be pleasant. I wonder if I could hop off somewhere in Colorado for a hiking trip?
  • Falling even more in love with making bread, and wondering if I could have a bonfire night where I could use this idea from the inspiring lads and lasses at Kinfolk.
  • I purchased ‘Tender Vol. 1‘ over a year ago, and received ‘Tender Vol. 2′ (a.k.a. ‘Ripe’) for my birthday. I admired their weighty promise on first glance, and managed a cursory look when they first came into my possession. On these long nights I am enjoying the conversation of Nigel Slater, the evocative earthiness of his words, and the new life he is breathing into my vegetables and fruits. Expect inspired recipes here soon.

Cliff House – San Francisco. Another rainy day. Hope to be back soon…

My bed is calling to me early tonight. I am going to hibernate under the blankets and warm myself with dreams of travel, the heat of a proving oven, and summer tomatoes from an English garden….

9 thoughts on “On the shelf: on a night like this

  1. On rainy days my favorite thing to do is get dressed up and head out to my favorite cafe, sit by the window watching the rain outside and get lost in my thoughts. On rainy nights I love lying in bed and watching the rain, again lost in my thoughts 🙂 That picture of SF made me smile, I featured a post on A Perfect Day in SF on my blog today! xoxox

  2. BEAUTIFUL! i absolutely feel like i can get lost in any of your posts. you are perfect with words. i always feel lost in thought as i leave the page…embracing your meaning of your words and then also searching for my own!

  3. so beautiful and i’m glad u’ve been able to ‘lose urself’ before going to bed and dreaming more precious dreams. 🙂 PLEASE come back to the States for a visit but u MUST stop by my neck of the woods too this time. 😉

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