A little teaser – with cinnamon scrolls…

This weekend was spent taking long, mist filled morning walks with my little sister…

We enjoyed the brisk air for 5 wonderful miles before hurrying home to defrost beside the oven and cook up some breakfast for Mum, Dad, and Trent.

From this wonderful recipe.

I prepared the dough on Saturday night while Jess and I indulged in some tragically attentive viewing of ‘The Bachelor’, and left them to slowly prove in the fridge over night. They came to room temperature as we greeted the morning with our walk, and when we returned I slid them into the oven and iced them before bringing them to the table.

Unfortunately I was not able to partake of the goodies (I made them on wheat flour), but next time, oh next time sweet cinnamon rolls, we shall meet over a cup of tea, and you shall not be safe…

After making these heaven-scented treats I was inspired to come up with my own scroll recipe. Check back later in the week for my Coconut Cranberry Scrolls. In the meantime check out this wonderful new book from Williams Sonoma (my source for these treats).

4 thoughts on “A little teaser – with cinnamon scrolls…

  1. girl, are u seriously out to just torture urself?!?! how could u make these knowing u can’t partake!! my stomach hurts and i’m not actually there in person!! wow, ur sis better have thanked u times a million. 🙂

    • I just love making bread even if I can’t eat it 🙂 But after smelling these baking I am definitely going to make a gluten free version 🙂

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