Thursday – Good Things: Leading a Double Life

Are you leading a double life?

I suppose in a sense I am, and I would like to be doing it even more.

Confused yet?

No. I am not secretly Batgirl (but hey Christopher Nolan I am free if you need me…)

Yesterday I came across an article on the Whole Living Daily blog that discusses living your dreams at the same time as playing along with the reality of your situation.

In other words taking something you are passionate about, and expressing it while also paying the bills and taking care of the necessities of life. Like an actress who works as a waitress while waiting for her big break, or a talented designer who does a 9-5 retail job, or a wannabe cookbook author/publisher who works in health research.

All of us have a driving passion, a big dream for life, that we long to pursue. Some of us are lucky enough to be passionate about our work, and I certainly have a degree of passion for my job, but sometimes it feels a little stifling, like I am not truly living the whole picture of what I would love my life to be.

In this article Robin Fisher Roffer talks about asking yourself what it is you truly want out of life, what are your dreams, and then daring to make them come true. Even if that means working a 9-5 and saving your outside time to paint, record music, bake, design furniture, coach football, or whatever your true passion is. When you sit with the big question (well, one of them at least) of what you truly want, what you really need out of your life, it is daunting. When you come to the end, what will make you able to say that you really lived your life, rather than just existed in those days?

Not all of us can throw in our jobs, walk away, and start over doing what we really want. What we can do is start small. Do something, anything, that feeds that hunger for something more: take university courses at night, make furniture in your garden shed, crochet designer berets and sell them on etsy, volunteer to help coach high school football teams on the weekend – whatever you have to do in order to fill that hole –  just make it happen.

In my world that means being a part time health researcher, a part time student, a part time baker, writer, and blogger, and always searching for the next step towards making the bigger picture come to light. The trick is to make every day worth it. Even if you have an eight hour day at work, a three hour course at night, and a two hour commute. Find some time to write, or make a nice meal, or connect with other bloggers. Although it isn’t my ideal long term picture, for now at least I am feeding my soul and working at loving my life every day, while finding a way to making my bigger dreams happen.

So dear reader, what is your true passion? Do you live a double life, or how do you feed your soul while putting food on the table?

2 thoughts on “Thursday – Good Things: Leading a Double Life

  1. so awesome, but can we please put on capes and add some super hero personalities here…let’s make it triple and quadruple lives…hehe. i would say i WISH i could make this little running addiction pay dem bills, so i’m in full agreement we all have different lives, or hats, that we put on throughout the day. i just don’t have that cooking hat, will u let me borrow ur’s?? 😉

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