Lonely Places

I think it is in the places that we expect to see people, to be surrounded by their familiar swarm, to be in the midst of the hive, it is in these places where we sense being alone the most.

The airport at 3am. My neighbourhood at 1pm on a Wednesday. The gym at 3pm on a Sunday.

The shopping centre at 7pm on a Saturday night.

Wandering the halls of a deserted place, listening to the beating of your own heart when usually you can’t hear yourself think, you can start to examine the way we let the noise of others fill up our lives and crowd out what our own voice is saying.

We lose ourselves in the crowd. The true messages, our values and morals, are filed between the pages of other people’s lives.

I am a fickle creature. I crave aloneness. Then I crave close company. I need to be lonely sometimes, so that I can truly appreciate the company of others when next I am surrounded by the crowd.

Standing alone and lonely I am able to centre myself. Breathe in and allow the quiet to truly soak to my bones.

I hear the echo of my footsteps. See only my own shadow and only my reflection.

When I have truly found my space alone I turn on my phone and call someone.

I am ready again for the crowd.

2 thoughts on “Lonely Places

  1. i really like this. what you said about needing alone time to be able to better appreciate company…i could relate to that so much! i think this is so true of me:) your words are beautiful! thanks for sharing!

  2. ah, the beauty of silence and nothingness. u describe my exact feelings: i am sometime a crazy recluse but then other times HAVE to have human contact and crave it in my bones. i guess i’m choosy and like to have watever i want when i feel like it. 🙂 such a lovely post as always…and i also think running gives me that silent brainspace too. hehe

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