Thursday Good Things

Brisbane in winter. The fickle lion who at once will roar with might, and then mew like a kitten.

This week has seen stormy nights and days with skies of brightest blue.

Autumn leaves on a tree

The cold stays though, lighter during the day when sunny patches can be sought, then heavier at night when the only thing to do is snuggle under the patchwork quilt my Mama made me with a cup of tea and a book. So then, in the spirit of a fickle winter, as I am on occasion a fickle woman ruled by the weather, I present to you my list of good things this Thursday.

This is an issue that divides many people, in many countries, but for my opinion, I believe in marriage equality. The right for any of us to declare to society that we love someone, and we commit to them, in the most binding of ways. GetUp Australia has released a beautiful video about marriage laws in Australia.

Now, for the lighter side of the list. I am currently on holidays and scrambling to catch up on some much-neglected reading. I am a true lover of cosy mysteries so you can bet there are a few of those on my shelf to be enjoyed in the spirit of all things Marple. One series that has recently caught my fancy is the ‘Cupcake Bakery Mysteries’ by Jenn McKinlay. I read the first in the series (Sprinkle with Murder) while I was writing my assignments and I was instantly enchanted and had to order the whole series. Immediately. Others on my reading list include novels by John Connolly, which promise to be darkly gothic and ghostly – perfect for winter reading; ‘The Marriage Plot‘ by Jeffrey Eugenides – recommended to me by my lovely friend Jenny; and, continuing my Geraldine Brooks obsession (I just finished ‘People of the Book’ not twenty minutes ago), ‘Year of Wonders: a novel of the plague‘.

To balance out all that snuggling under my quilt, I will be keeping up my training for the Southern Cross University 10km run. This race is part of the Gold Coast Marathon festival, where I completed the half marathon last year, this year Jess and I will be up early and doing the 10km race while Mum and Dad do the 5.7km walk. Nothing like team spirit! Especially at 5.30am in the middle of winter….

Oh, and one last really good thing for the list, because I really never can have too many red sequins in my closet….(check these out)

2 thoughts on “Thursday Good Things

  1. first. i dont even have the words to thank you for your kind words (always) but especially recently on my posts. you are such a dear friend to me…even if we have not met IRL yet:)
    second. love that you are getting time to snuggle under warm blankets and enjoy some good books.
    third. love that the race will be a family event.
    fourth. even though I GET that the seasons are different there. its so funny for me to read about winter when its just now summer here:)
    fifth. have a fabulous day friend!

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