The Art of Cosiness

I woke this morning to the gentle tap-tap-tap of rain on a tin roof. Tucked under a triple layer of blankets and comforters in the guest bedroom of my dear friend’s Casey and Matt’s house I slowly opened my eyes and decided that this rainy Brisbane day would be dedicated to the art of cosiness.


Rainy morning view.

As is our usual want on a Saturday morning I met Mum at the farmer’s market for breakfast. Although there is nothing that compares to a bright summer morning when the vendor’s tables are groaning with fresh-off-the-vine tomatoes that smell of sunshine, I relish these rainy Autumn mornings that come so rarely. The crowd is thinned as many choose to stay in bed so the line for coffee is shorter; despite the chill and the wet I linger longer over my produce selection while I dream of creations that will warm both the body and the soul.

Grapes with the blush of the vine still on their skin.

My soul hungers for two cups of coffee on a morning like this: one to drink while I wake to the day and enjoy my breakfast, the second to end my market day before I leave the wonders of this vegetable playground and head back into the world. Creamy, smooth and sweet my Saturday morning cappuccino ritual is a background brush stroke of cosiness.

Two lovely coffees with powdered cocoa.

Coffee for the ladies of Saturday morning.

After filling our bags with enough fruit and vegetables to nourish our family for the week we walked through the flower seller’s stall. Tiny droplets cling to each precious blossom like diamonds left behind by the sky.

Delicate white rose blossom with dark pink tipped leaves.

The beauty of the rose.

The day has just begun and I feel it is off to a wonderfully cosy start. A quick workout and a filling lunch and now to spend the afternoon snuggled under a blanket with a cup of tea and a Gothic Victorian novel.

Friends, what is essential for your cosy days?

5 thoughts on “The Art of Cosiness

  1. that view is amazing…i grew up always wishing i lived on a sprawling country farm and that snap takes me right back. glad that ur weekend epitomized cosy in ur sense of the term and i’d have to agree. 🙂 for me, when i think of cosy i think of mountains of soft blankets…makes me all warm inside.

  2. ohhhh love this post and all the simple beauty and joy 🙂 cosiness to me is often a peaceful hike with my pups or time to snuggle under the blankets with a warm drink 🙂

  3. I have to be honest that coffee was as good as it looked and the flowers were even more beautiful in reality. I will miss the “chickpea” but I at least get to keep her. And this new look is a good reflection on how far you have come in the past 12 months. love one very proud Mamma Chickpea

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